Best Disc Golf Basket – 2020 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

No matter the weather, no matter the day, I’m always thinking about when the next time i’ll be able to get out on the course and play some disc golf.

Unfortunately, I do have other responsibilities in life, and I can’t just play disc golf 24/7 (even though I’d like to).  That being said, there is an alternative to going out and playing at an official disc golf course, that allows you to practice, and have some fun at the same time.

You can actually purchase your own disc golf basket to keep at your house or in the trunk of your car if you get a portable one!  This has allowed me to pull out my disc golf basket, and practice putting, or even set up makeshift holes when I don’t have time to go out and play a full 18 of disc golf.

You can also do this as well!  Below I’ll be walking you through all the different options of disc golf baskets on the market, and I’ll give you some tips based on the research I did before purchasing mine!  As always, definitely leave me a comment or send me an email if you have any questions or want me to review another piece!

Top 10 Disc Golf Baskets – The Best Choices for 2020!

Below I’m going to go through the top 10 most popular choices on the market, some are portable disc golf baskets and some are meant to be more stationary, but I’ll be sure to give you a mix of everything so that you can find the best ones for your needs!

I’ve definitely noticed that after purchasing a basket, I’ve seen my skills improve, and it’s really been a great addition to my game.  So I hope you can say the same afterwards!

Discatcher Sport 24 Disc Golf Basket

The Discatcher Sport 24 Disc Golf Basket is one of the best portable disc golf baskets for your home and also for temporary disc golf courses. Weighing in at just around 35 pounds this is a relatively lightweight basket but still being sturdy enough to be used on courses.

This is the perfect basket due to its versatility. It’s designed to be lightweight so it can be moved around and setup at your home, but it’s still durable enough and high quality enough to be used on courses. It features 24 strains of chain, 18 outer and 6 inner chains, which makes it extremely realistic and a great practice basket. In actual disc golf courses you’ll usually see 24 strains, so this makes it very realistic!

Speaking of which, it is PDGA tournament approved which means you’re training for what you’ll be playing actual disc golf on!

Installation and Assembly:

This basket is only a five piece set which means installation happens in minutes! All you’ll need is a standard screwdriver to assemble and you’ll be up and playing disc golf within five minutes!

Along with this, it breaks down in a portable size which means you could throw it in your trunk or in your garage and be ready to play disc golf at a minute’s notice!


  • PDGA Tournament Approved.
  • Great for Portable at Home Play and Also Temporary Courses.
  • 24 Strains of Chain (18 Outer + 6 Inner).
  • 5 Piece Set For Easy Installation + Assembly in Under 5 Minutes.
  • Durable Galvanized Steel Which Is Built To Last.
  • Sturdy Circular Base Withstands Wind and Uneven Ground.


  • Not Designed For Permanent Outdoor Courses.

Overall this basket is one of the best disc golf baskets on the market today. It gives you a high quality basket which is PDGA approved in a portable design which means you can set it up at your home or even transport it to an open field to set up your own course! You’ll be ready to play disc golf at a moments notice!

Axiom Pro HD Disc Golf Basket

Axiom Pro HD Disc Golf Basket is the go to basket for those who are looking to replicate professional disc golf course quality on the go. This is one of the highest standard disc golf baskets on our list and is PDGA disc golf tournament approved.

This basket features 24 zinc coated strains of weighted chains in a 12 inner and 12 outer layout which helps to reduce pole bounces and cut throughs, and also helps to give you a truly authentic feel to what you’ll see out on the disc golf course.

Along with this, this basket comes in four different highly visible options including lime green, red, blue, and orange which means there’s a color for everyone! If you’re looking for the best, then this disc golf basket is one of the best!

Installation and Assembly:

Although this basket is designed to give you an authentic professional disc golf feel, this basket can still be assembled in two minutes or under! It’s extremely easy to quickly setup with just a few separate pieces it makes it a great portable basket.


  • Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) Approved.
  • Features 24 Strains of Chain – 12 Inner and 12 Outer Which Reduces Pole Bounces and Cut Throughs.
  • Chains Are Zinc-Coated and Features 8mm Upgraded Wire Frame.
  • Installed and Assembled In Under Two Minutes.
  • Comes in Four Different Highly Visible Colors Including Lime Green, Blue, Red, and Orange.


  • Slightly Heavier Than Some Other Products On Our List

Overall if you’re looking for a high quality disc golf basket with a very high standard of play, then this Axiom Pro HD is going to be the best choice. It features 24 chains which most portable disc golf baskets don’t, it is extremely durable and it’s also PDGA tournament approved!

Yaheetech Portable Disc Golf Basket

This Yaheetech portable disc golf basket is definitely designed to be used on the go.  This portable basket weighs just under 19 lbs and comes in a foldable design that allows you to take it on the go! This makes it one of the best to just throw in your trunk and go!

This portable disc golf basket features a superior design quality with a nice iron frame and a galvanized finish which gives it the durability to stand up to pretty much anything!  When I was first thinking about a portable basket I was concerned about the stability and durability of the basket, but I was completely wrong about this basket.

It features a rounded stand with tri level support which ensures that this basket isn’t moving!  Along with this, it features a 12 piece chain above the 25.7 inch basket.  Overall this basket is pretty much indistinguishable from the kinds you’ll see on your regular disc golf course.

Installation and Assembly:

One of the best things about this portable disc golf basket is it’s easy installation and assembly.  I can easily set this basket up in under 10 minutes.   It comes in 7 total pieces and also features a traveling bag for easy transportation.  Overall this gets a 10/10 for ease of installation and assembly, after you do it once, you can do it in your sleep!

The only real downside of this basket is that because the base is a circular stand, if you are placing it on un-level ground then the basket can wobble or be unsteady.  Unfortunately this is a problem with a lot of portable baskets, because the only way to make the baskets 100% secure is by attaching it to the ground some how.


  • Portable and lightweight designed baskets
  • Manufactured out of high quality iron with a galvanized finish for added durability
  • Wide circular base helps to improve stability
  • Extremely easy to assemble and install
  • Standard sized basket


  • Tends to wobble if not placed on level ground due to the circular base.
  • Only features 12 high quality chains, while standard professional baskets feature at least 18.

MVP Black Practice Disc Golf Basket – 24 Chain

If you are someone that wants their basket to be as close to the professional quality you’ll see on your course, then you have to check out MVP’s Black Practice Disc Golf Basket.

The previous basket we reviewed featured only 12 chains, while this MVP basket features 24.  This ensures that the basket and chain layout is essentially exactly the same as what you’ll experience out on the course.  This basket features 12 inner chains and 12 outer chains which helps to ensure that your disc catches in the chains instead of flying right through.

This entire practice basket meets the PDGA basket specifications, which means practicing on this basket will transfer over to the course baskets exactly!  Although this basket meets these specifications it also comes in a more portable design than standard baskets.

This basket is another great choice due to it’s ease of installation and assembly.  They claim that it takes under 1 minute to assembly and installation, and although that might be a slight exaggeration, it is that easy.  Although this basket is slightly heavier than the last basket, it also feels a bit sturdier.  I’ve left this goal up in pretty heavy winds and it hasn’t tipped over or wobbled, so I would say it’s definitely more stable and sturdy.


  • Affordable price
  • PDGA approved
  • Wide circular base and slightly heavier weight helps to improve stability even during high winds
  • Extremely easy to assemble and install, with assembly reported in less than a minute.
  • Features 24 chains, 12 inner and 12 outer just like your standard course basket.
  • Translates directly to other PDGA baskets


  • Some say it doesn’t do well with rain/water, but I haven’t seen any rust after owning for 6 months.

Innova Discatcher 18 Chain Disc Golf Basket

Are you looking for the best disc golf basket by the biggest brand in the industry?  Then look no further.  This Innova Discatcher features a slightly more cumbersome assembly process, but definitely makes up for it with it’s durable and stable design.

Installation and Assembly:

Overall the assembly and installation is still quite simple.  The main pipe breaks down into two pieces, and the basket, chains, and stand easily attach.  You will need a screw driver to assemble and disassemble this basket, and it will take about 5 total minutes.  Overall this 5 part assembly really isn’t too tricky or cumbersome.

Overall the design of this basket is really really high quality.  It is PDGA specification approved, and completely weather proof.  It features 18 external chains and then 6 internal chains which assures that all puts that should go in, are caught and don’t travel through.  Along with this, the design is made of durable metal, with a weather proof coating.  The base of this basket is extremely solid as well, and really feels stable.  I would say this is one of the highest quality baskets available on the market, but of course you’ll end up paying the premium for it.


  • Solid, high quality metal with a stable base.
  • PDGA approved
  • Feels almost like a course basket because of how sturdy it is


  • Premium price
  • Heavier than other baskets

Driftsun Portable Disc Golf Basket Goal

If you’re looking at pure value for the money, then I’d definitely have to recommend this portable disc golf basket by Driftsun.  Compared to other lightweight designs on the market, this basket perfectly combines lightweight and high quality.

Installation and Assembly:

Similar to others, this installation is extremely easy, and can be done in mere minutes.  Along with this, this basket doesn’t require any additional tools for installation which makes it great for just throwing it in your trunk and not having to worry about anything else.

From a pure value perspective this basket should be very high on your list.  It’s very reasonably priced and it’s made of galvanized steel which means that it’s completely weather resistant and extremely durable.  This means you could technically use these baskets as permanent holes and leave them outside 24/7.  Driftsun is really known for their high quality for a fair price and this portable basket really is no exception.

The only drawbacks I can see with this goal is that due to it having a circular portable base, it can be tough to place on non-level ground, but that is the case with most portable goals.  The only other downside is that it comes with only one set of chains (external) rather than featuring both an external and internal set of chains.  That being said, you can actually attach a second set if you have the right tools.


  • Very lightweight and portable
  • PDGA approved
  • High quality craftsmanship and materials
  • Very quick and easy assembly


  • Only features external chains rather than external and internal
  • Due to the circular base it can be tough to place on un-even ground

“Best Choice Products” Portable Disc Golf Basket

“Best Choice Products” is known for supply pretty solid quality products at a very reasonable price, and this basket perfectly fits that description.

The entire goal is made of solid constructed steel which makes it quite durable, while still being very portable.  Along with this, it features a galvanized finish that helps to protect it from any types of weather.  This means you can leave it outside without having to worry about rust or anything like that.

This basket is designed very similar to our other items on this list and features a circular base which helps to keep the basket stable and in place.  That being said, one of the main drawbacks of this basket is that it features only one set of chains, rather than featuring an internal and external set of chains.  Along with this, technically this basket is slightly shorter than regulation sized baskets, although it is close.  So if you are dead set on wanting it to be exact, then I would suggest another basket.


  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Solid design and materials
  • Very easy to assembly and install


  • Only comes with one set of chains rather than featuring external and internal chains
  • Is slightly shorter than standard baskets

Axiom Pro 24 Chain Disc Golf Basket

If you’re looking for a basket that has easy visibility while having a quality design, then you can’t go wrong with this Axiom basket!  Deemed to be a pro style basket by Axiom this goal really is high quality.

Manufactured out of high quality steel, you’ll be sure that this basket is stabile and sturdy enough to handle anything you throw at it.  Any basket that is deemed to be of the “Pro” level should be PDGA approved, and sure enough this one is.  Along with this, it is the exact height that PDGA states baskets should be which allows you to turn your practice into perfect on the actual course!

The Axiom comes with 12 inner chains and 12 outer chains which allows it to ensure that any putt that should go in, goes in!  By having both internal and external chains it helps to reduce shots that slide right through the chains or bounce off the pole. This is what you’ll see on an actual disc golf course.

If you aren’t a fan of the hot pink color, have no fear, it also comes in other colors like red, white and gold.  This means there’s the perfect color for everyone!


  • High quality build design
  • PDGA approved and regulation size!
  • High visibility


  • Not the most portable basket because it is pretty heavy

Final Thoughts on Disc Golf Baskets

As you can see from all of the products in our list, there are quite a few different baskets for you as a disc golf player to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a portable disc golf basket or something a little a little more sturdy then there is going to be something right for you. Overall my favorite has to be the Discatcher Sport 24 or the Axiom Pro HD! I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide, and I hope to see you out on the disc golf course!


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