7 Best Disc Golf Shoes Reviews – Men’s and Womens

Last Updated: December 3rd, 2022: As a long time lover of disc golf, I've spent thousands of hours outdoors on the course playing disc golf.  That being said, I soon realized that just using running shoes wasn't going to be comfortable or practical for the long term.

While traditional golf might be extremely relaxing on perfect grass, disc golf is constantly played on rugged and uneven terrain which takes something more than just traditional running shoes.

When you're spending all this time on this uneven terrain you're going to need added stability and comfort, which you can get by getting the best disc golf shoes that you possibly can.  Let's go ahead and get into my favorite disc golf footwear on the market today!

Best Disc Golf Shoes Reviews of 2023

Before we dive into too deep, I'd like to give you guys a quick run down on what some of my favorite products are.  I've gone through and tested and had my girlfriend test both men's and women's shoes so everyone can find the best product for them out on the disc golf course.

best disc golf shoes

Here's my quick thoughts on what I think the most popular disc golf shoes available currently:


Top 3 Disc Golf Shoes For Men

I could waste your time introducing this brand, but by now if you're reading this post then you've definitely heard of Adidas and you should hear about the Terrex Swift.  This disc golf shoe fits the perfect blend between a traditional hiking shoe and a running shoe, which makes it a great choice when thinking of disc golf shoes.

best shoes for disc golf

I've been using the Terrex Swift for a few years, and they haven't let me down yet.  The durability is great, and because it's made of both synthetic material and mesh, it gives you the durability along with the comfort.  I've played on some extremely course disc golf courses, and it's held up great!

The outsole of the Terrex Swift is made from Traxion rubber which helps to offer superior grip and traction on nearly any surface, include slick and wet material like rocks.  Along with this, the outside is lined with a waterproof coat that turns it water-resistant which is great for wet courses.  This means that no matter the weather you'll be able to play!

The midsole of the Terrex Swift has been manufactured out of a compressed foam like material called EVA which provides you with a good amount of cushion and comfort while still being lightweight.  Along with this, Adidas offers a special ADIPRENE insert with the Terrex Swift which adds not only additional comfort but also adds a bit of shock absorption.  

An added plus is that although the Terrex Swift offers great comfort while still being relatively lightweight.  It weighs one pound and thirteen ounces, which makes it one of the lighter Adidas disc golf shoes available.  Although the Terrex Swift might not be the best choice for a cross country hike, they are a great choice for all the different types of terrain you'll face on the disc golf course playing your disc golf rounds and overall are one of the best shoes for disc golf.


  • Pretty Lightweight For Adidas, But Great For Tough Terrain
  • Offers Superior Grip In Any Type Of Weather
  • Waterproof
  • A Lot Offered For A Reasonable Price


  • Some People Complain That These Shoes Take A Few Wears To Fully Break In.

Similar to the previous Terrex Swift, this is another lightweight model that has numerous advantages.  Originally this disc golf shoe was designed for hikers, but it actually makes it perfect for disc golfers also!

disc golf shoes

Weighing in at only 14 ounces, making it the ideal weight for rough terrains like on a disc golf course.  These are a stable pair of shoes which makes walking in rough and uneven terrains on the course for long periods of time.

Similar to the previous Adidas model, the midsole of this disc golf shoe is very lightweight and comes with Adidas' special EVA sole cushioning with ADIPRENE support.  This adds to the overall comfort of the shoe, and also gives you a good amount of shock absorbency which helps protect your feet while playing.  If you are constantly playing on disc golf courses that feature rocky or rough terrain then I definitely recommend these shoes for you! 


  • Perfect For Rough and Rocky Terrain
  • Great Grip No Matter The Weather
  • Waterproof Design
  • Offers ADIPRENE Shock Absorbing Technology


  • Some People Have Complained That The Laces Can Dig Into The Top Of Your Foot.

3. Salomon Men's Speedcross 5 Trail Shoe

If you are familiar with trail running then you've probably heard of the company Salomon!  Salomon introduced the Speedcross 5 after massive success with the Salomon Speedcross 4, and they've hit another home run!

Salomon Men's Speedcross 5 disc golf

One of the first things you'll notice with these shoes is that they are designed for traction in mind which makes them perfect for disc golf!  On the bottom of these shoes you'll notice rubber spikes for additional traction, no matter the terrain or weather!

These shoes are perfect for disc golf because they are designed with trails and rough terrains in mind.  The durability and performance aspects of these shoes are second to none.  I have found that the added traction compared to traditional shoes has really made me feel safer on the course, and also allows me to setup for shots no matter the lie.

If you're anything like me, prior to buying an additional pair of shoes, I used to use my normal gym shoes for playing, and I was getting extremely tired of having to clean my shoes all the time after playing disc golf.  Thankfully with these Salomons, it features an anti-debris mesh that helps to protect the shoes from any dirt and debris and keeps these shoes cleaner for longer!

As for comfort, these shoes do a good job of craddling your foot and keeping it in place, no matter the terrain.  They feature an Endo technology inner sleeve that helps to support your midsole while keeping everything in place.

Along with this, because this is traditionally a trail running shoe, they are extremely lightweight and nimble.  Weighing in at just over 10 ounces they make them one of the lighter shoes on my list.  As for sizing, you should know that they tend to run slightly small, so check out their size chart to ensure a proper fit.


  • Best Traction Possible!  Designed For Trail Running So You'll Never Have To Worry About Slipping
  • Well Cushioned and Supported Interior That Keeps Your Foot In Place
  • Weighs In At Just Over 10 Ounces - Lightweight!
  • Features Anti-Debris Mesh Which Helps To Keep The Shoes Cleaner


  • Some People Complain That These Shoes Are Too Narrow For Their Feet

My home course is a small course but it features various changes in incline, and rocky terrain.  When I first started I would constantly roll my ankle, and stub my toe on loose rocks while I wore my regular gym shoes playing disc golf.  Thankfully I didn't have these problems when I picked up this pair of Merrell MOAB 2's!  

merrell disc golf shoes

Making the switch to shoes that are more secure and will help to protect your feet and ankles is something that any serious disc golfer should consider.  These Merrell disc golf shoes do a great job of providing the sturdiness to combat and rugged disc golf terrain your might face on the course.  Along with this, these shoes are great for wet and rainy courses and they'll keep your feet bone dry!

When dealing with other hiking shoes, you might have faced lack of breathability, but thankfully Merrell has thought about this.  The outer layer is designed out of mesh so that you are given some breathability while still being protected from the elements.  Along with this, if you are someone that does a toe drag with your followthrough then you don't have to worry about damaging your feet because they feature a toe cap!

I've used these for a little over a year and a half, and they have been extremely durable.  I've been using them on both concrete pads and dirt, and it shows barely a scratch from these.


  • Extremely Durable But Still Comfortable
  • Provide Excellent Ankle and Arch Support
  • Very Reasonable Pricing
  • Grip Is Superior On Most Surfaces


  • Slightly Heavier Than Some Others On This List

If you are looking for an extremely popular, mid-range hiking shoe, then these are the ones for you.  Targhee has done a great job of keeping their shoes with a little more of a traditional feel, but they definitely come with modern features.

These Targhee II hiking shoes come in a few different colors ranges, all of which fit perfectly for the disc golf course.  The upper portion is designed with waterproof leather which is known to be extremely durable and last for years at a time.  Note: These come in a disc golf shoe version (the one I suggest) and then they also offer a boot version which of course goes higher up your ankle).  I definitely recommend the shoe version rather than the boot due to movement allowed and the weight.

KEEN has been around for quite some time and they are known for their waterproof materials and designs.  The great thing about these products is that the waterproof membrane is actually quite breathable and allows ventilation while not allowing water to enter.  This allows you to keep your feet dry from the elements, without feeling like you have your feet in garbage bags.  That being said, because these shoes do such a great job at waterproofing, they are slightly warmer than most others on this list.

As for grip, these do a great job with their 4mm rubber cleats which are manufactured so they point in multiple directions which help you maintain your grip no matter the terrain or the weather.


  • Very Durable, Built For The Outdoors
  • Very High Quality Waterproof Material
  • Great Grip
  • Breathable


  • Might Be Slightly Warm In Summer
  • Slightly Heavier Than Some Others

6. Latitude 64 Chain Wear Link Disc Golf Shoe

Latitude 64 disc golf shoes are one of the only disc golf specific company that I know of.  They were created by disc golfers for disc golfers, and they really have an understanding of the needs and wants of us as players.  

This disc golf shoe is designed to be completely waterproof and the bottom treads are designed with thicker than usual treads which actually give you a great grip on even the most slippery terrain.  Another great thing is the inner lining of these, they are very comfortable and they also do a good job of ventilation and breathability.  

Unlike most of the other products on our list, these are extremely lightweight!  With each disc golf shoe weighing only around 16 ounces each, which you can really feel the difference when you're out on the course.  When i've worn these, I've actually noticed that I felt a lot more nimble and free with my footwork, and I felt like I could focus more on my technique!

The one main downside of the lightweight design is that they simply aren't as durable as some of the heavier products on our list.  Along with this, they aren't as tough, so if a rock or a branch falls on your foot, you're going to have a good bit less protection in these than in a product like MOAB.

Additionally I wouldn't recommend continually using these shoes if you toe drag, because it does seem to cause a pretty heavy wear and tear.  That being said, because the price is very reasonable with these Latitudes, you have to have a balance somewhere.


  • Made Specifically For Disc Golfers
  • Very Affordable Price
  • Very Lightweight and Nimble
  • Solid Grip


  • Not As Durable Some Other Products

Top 4 Disc Golf Shoes for Women

1. New Balance Women's WT410v5 Trail Running Shoe

New Balance has been around for years upon years, and they've made quite the name for themselves in trail running and being a hiking shoe company.  These shoes are a must have because they are extremely durable, comfortable, and breathable.  

The outer sole provides superior grip with it's short 2mm treads, which allows you to perfect your footwork no matter the terrain you're dealing with.  Along with this, these are very breathable and will allow your feet to get some fresh air.  There's nothing worse than feeling like you're wearing garbage bags on your feet because you have no ventilation, thankfully these shoes don't have that problem!

Additionally, these are very light in weight and the added comfort of the soles gives you a very comfortable set of shoes for the outdoors.  New Balance generally fits pretty wide, and has a generous toe box which allows you to have additional toe space so you don't have any pinching or squeezing.  


  • Pretty Lightweight
  • Offers Great Ventilation and Breathability
  • Wide Shoes For Reduced Pinching and Squeezing
  • Durability and Arch Support Are Great


  • Slightly Costlier Than Others

2. Merrell Women's MOAB 2 Hiking Shoe

As you've probably heard us talking before, the Merrell MOAB 2 is one of the best built shoes on the market for outdoor use, specifically as a hiking shoe.  Everything is extremely high quality and the craftsmanship is second to none.

When given the choice of sole, vibram does a better job when used for disc golf.  Vibram soles have a little more give in them and do a better job when being used on uneven terrain, which makes it great for disc golf.  Along with this, I think the grip is slightly better with vibram, so you won't have to worry as much about slipping and falling.

For all the women who are looking for the perfect disc golf shoe, Merrell should definitely be at the top of your list.  The waterproof design of these shoes does a great job of keeping your feet dry from the elements but also allows breathability so your feet don't start sweating.  Along with this, they are extremely comfortable and I had no issues of blisters or pain.  

Many could argue that these shoes could have been built specifically for disc golf as well as a hiking shoe because they have great levels of grip, are extremely comfortable, waterproof, and they are very durable!


  • Excellent Ventilation and Breathability
  • Great Waterproof Design
  • Offers Excellent Grip On Any Terrain
  • Vibram Sole Helps Uneven Terrains Feel Smoother


  • Premium Pricing

3. Columbia Dakota Drifter Waterproof

If you're an outdoor enthusiast then you definitely have heard of Columbia.  Columbia has been around since 1938 and has been providing high quality outdoor products ever since.  One of which are these Dakota Drifter Waterproof shoes!

These Drifters are manufactured with a combination of rubber, suede, and mesh which gives them a good combination of waterproof and breathability.  Just like most Columbia shoes, they are designed with extremely high quality materials, and the durability is second to none.

One of Columbia's other claims to fames is their shoes comfort levels.  No matter the weather or terrain these shoes are going to protect your feet and they are going to do so in comfort.  They feature a spacious toe box, and a little give in the width of the shoe so you never feel squeezed or squished.  

Another neat feature of these shoes is their advanced lace design.  It features a more secure fit which is caused by the laces going slightly higher up the foot which causes you to feel more secure.  Along with this, the midsole of this disc golf shoe is something to write home about.

The company designed a signature midsole support system which provides quite a lot of cushioning, and helps to disperse energy along your entire foot rather than just your midsole.  This helps to reduce risk of injury and improves overall comfort.  Along with this, it also features an advanced tread grip which is great for any type of environment or terrain.  My girlfriend have used these on rocky trails, snow and downpours and they hold up incredibly well!


  • Waterproof and Breathable
  • Very Comfortable
  • More Secure Fit With Their Newly Designed Lacing Structure
  • Grip Is Superior On Most Surfaces


  • Premium Pricing

4. KEEN Women's Voyageur Hiking Shoe

The last product on our list for the best women disc golf shoes is the KEEN women's Voyageur!  These are the best choice if you have wide feet, and are tired of narrow shoes pinching and squeezing your feet.  

These KEEN disc golf shoes are great for hot and humid environments because they have optimal ventilation.  My girlfriend have worn these shoes in the South West United States during the summer while it was sweltering and she said she felt cool and relaxed while wearing them.  That being said, these shoes do lack slightly when it comes to their waterproof abilities.  These are definitely great for dry weather courses.

One of the biggest benefits of these shoes has to be their weight.  They are extremely lightweight, and are great for someone who is looking to stay agile on the course.  Along with the wide sole, these are a great pair for anyone looking for the perfect fit!


  • Wide Sole, Great For Wide Feet
  • Features a Comfy Toe Box
  • Very Breathable, Great For Warm Weather


  • Not Waterproof

Key Features to Look for in the Best Disc Golf Shoes

Disc golf shoes tend to be very different than traditional golf shoes, even though both sports are pretty similar in nature.  The biggest difference between the two sports is the terrain they are played on.

Golf is played on beautifully maintained and well kept courses and grasses, while disc golf can quite easily be the complete opposite.  Many times being played on rugged and rocky terrain with various changes in elevation and slope.  

Because of these differences, choosing the right footwear can make the upmost difference.  If you choose to use regular athletic shoes while playing disc golf you'll be subject to injury and being uncomfortable.  Choosing the right pair of shoes for disc golfing can keep your feet safe and comfortable.

There are quite a few factors that you will need to consider when you are deciding on your purchase.  Below you will find various different topics you'll need to consider before you pull the trigger and purchase a pair!

Breathability vs. Waterproof

I'm going to start this list with one of the most controversial points, breathability vs. being waterproof.

One thing you'll need to consider when you are looking at shoes, is what you need their functionality to be.  Do you need them to protect your feet from water or do you need them to keep your feet cool and dry.  I big part of this decision is where you live and where you'll be using them the most.  When I used to live in Arizona it made my choice extremely easy because I was constantly looking for relief from the heat.

That being said, if you live somewhere where the weather can change throughout the year then it definitely makes your decision tougher.  The general downside of waterproof shoes is that although they keep your feet protected from water, they aren't very breathable.  

That being said, if you play in the early morning or play somewhere that gets a lot of rain or has water on the course then you need waterproof shoes.

Weight of Shoes For Disc Golf

Weight will always play a big important factor when you're trying to decide which pair of shoes to purchase.  When you're playing, the weight of your shoes truly impacts your fatigue level and your technique.  

I wouldn't say this has as much impact as our first point, but after playing with a handful of different shoe weights you begin to realize that this is a big factor as well.  I've found that when I play with lighter weight shoes I become a little more explosive with my drives and I don't feel as heavy footed when I'm putting on awkward terrain.

That being said, when you pick a heavier shoe, it's usually heavier for a good reason.  These shoes are usually heavier to accommodate the added ankle support.  Along with this, they are often made out of thicker material which will help to protect your feet incase something falls on them.

Cushioning and Comfort Level

A third point you should consider is the comfort level of these shoes.  I definitely recommend looking for a disc golf shoe that has a comfortable sole and also is wide enough to reduce any pinching or squeezing on your toes.  

You can truly notice a difference in the comfort level of shoes when you've worn them for 36 holes or more!  Most shoes will be comfortable when you're only wearing them for an hour or so, but true comfort comes in after extended time wearing them.

Arch Support

When you are constantly walking on uneven and rocky terrain, arch support is going to be an extremely important factor.  By having shoes that atone to your arches you'll finally come home without having to massage your feet.  

If you ever come home after a round with the bottom of your foot hurting, then you need new shoes!  Shoes with premium arch support are reinforced to ensure that your arch stays upright and protects it from any lateral movement.

Shoe Grip

Another top feature to look for, is the shoes grip level.  The amount of grip you really need can vary from buyer to buyer and it can also depend on the area on which you plan to play on.

A great way for you to look at the grip is to look at the bottom of the disc golf shoe and take a look at the tread on the shoes.  Treads have a direct correlation on the amount of grip your shoes are going to have.  

If you are someone that is constantly playing somewhere where it has rough terrain like dirt mud, snow or tree roots, then you will need more pronounced treads.  These will allow you to have further grip on any terrain no matter if it's wet or dry.

That being said, if you are going to be playing on more stable courses then you might find more comfort with smaller treads.  These will look more like athletic shoes than hiking shoes.  That being said, you want shoes that at least have some tread because they will be a bit more durable than others.

Types of Shoe Laces

You probably don't think of disc golf shoe laces when you're looking at shoes.  That being said they can actually be extremely important to the overall comfort and design of your shoe.  Shoe laces overall goal is to keep your foot locked into place, but they can have other benefits as well.

That being said, there are shoes laces that do a great job of keeping your foot in place, but they aren't the most comfortable, so there is a tradeoff.  You never want shoe laces that are too tight so they feel like they are going to cut of circulation or they might restrict your movements.

Material of the Shoe

Every disc golf shoe you look at is probably going to be made our of different materials and deciding between different materials can often be difficult.  You really need to understand that each different material type if going to have pros and cons.

Material is also going to play into whether they are waterproof, if they're durable, the comfort level, and the overall quality of the shoes.  For example, leather is usually more comfortable and long lasting material, but it also isn't the best material when dealing with water.  That being said, hard rubber is usually used for shoes that need to be waterproof.  

Along with this, the different materials are going to affect the price as well.  Rubber is usually better for budget conscious decisions and they also last for a long time!  Another important factor is the stitching and gluing of the shoes.

Know What Your Feet Need

When you are aware of what works best for your specific feet, then you'll be better able to find shoes that better fit your feet.  Shoe width takes a huge play in the overall comfort level of your shoes, so you need to be aware of how narrow or wide your feet are.

Along with this, you should be aware of the amount of toe space available.  If you have sensitive toes than you need to be aware if there's adequate toe space near the toe box.  If they are even slightly uncomfortable  while just trying them on, then it will only get worse after wearing these shoes for extended period of time.  

Each brand might come in slightly different sizes, so don't just strictly stick with your usual shoe size.  Try the shoes on and look for disc golf shoe width, and toe spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Over the years when I help give my friends some directions on which shoes they should purchase, I often get a variety of questions.  Below are the top 3 questions that I get, and my answers.

1. How Much Should I Spend On New Shoes For Disc Golf?:

When you're looking at shoes you're going to see a huge range of prices.  There are going to be some cheaper options for below $30, which I wouldn't really recommend buying these because they are usually not built to last especially when used outdoors.

These shoes would probably fall apart very quickly in tough terrain and weather conditions.  That being said, you also don't have to break the bank and buy a pair that are $200+ unless you are playing competitively.

Of course the more expensive shoes are going to have additional benefits including comfort level and breathability, if you're a beginner you can get by with other shoes.  

If you are a newbie disc golf player, you should definitely consider starting with a cheaper pair of shoes and then you can determine if you need to upgrade your footwear along the way.  You'll be able to determine which pair are the best fit for your needs after you've played for a bit.

My main suggestion would be to spend something in the medium price range around $60-$100.  This will get you a high quality pair of shoes without absolutely breaking the bank.  I would suggest you take a look at our reviews above to find shoes that are reasonably priced but also are highly reviewed.

2. What Kind of Shoes Are The Best For Disc Golf?

There are definitely factors that attribute to the best disc golf shoes, but I wouldn't say one specific pair is the best.  The idea shoes will help to protect your feet from rough terrain while keeping them dry and comfortable.  

If you play regularly then you really should be looking for shoes that are pretty comfortable on rough terrain, and durable enough to handle these environments.  Most regular running shoes are pretty comfortable, but when you start to wear them consistently in rough terrain they will begin to fall apart very quickly.  That being said, if you base your decision strictly off of the durability of shoes then you aren't going to get the most comfortable shoes possible.  


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