Best Disc Golf Starter Set – Everything You’ll Need to Begin Playing!

Are you interested in picking up disc golf?  I know it can be very overwhelming with thousands of different discs on the market, you don't know what might suit you best.  Thankfully, as a beginner you can get a starter set, and it will allow you to experience disc golf, find out what type of player you are, and help you further figure what other discs might be good for your playing style.  In this review below you'll find out what I think the best disc golf starter set is, and why it is perfect for beginners!

Everyone’s got to start somewhere right? But one of the huge advantages of this set is it can be useful to moderate and even advanced players. It’s a “starter” set which means you can grow it as you grow your own game and style of play. But for the beginner in need of a little help when it comes to establishing grip and throw for different courses. In this set you’ll get 3 discs, 1. a Beast Driver, 2. Cobra mid range, and approach disc, and 3. an Aviar Putter. 

Best Disc Golf Starter Kit

Disc Weights:

The discs run from 160 grams to 180 grams for easy throw. It also gives you a nice range to practice throws with 20 grams of weight to play with between discs. One thing these discs really give you practice for is working on driving technique. Number 1 mistake new players make is trying to throw hard to get the driver as far as possible. While this beginner driver may not offer too much versatility when it comes to experimenting with driver weights in windy weather, it's average weight is ideal for practicing ideal driving form. Remember, throw fast, not hard.

On the other end of the spectrum, this putter runs a bit heavier than your normal weight class for putters. It will give you nice sink into the chains. However, for distance putting you may need to work on a little bit of oompf. Ultimately, a good starter putter to get the feel for how you should be putting and the feel you need on heavier discs to get in the chains. A straight a true shot from these putters.

Disc Plastics:

These are durable discs. One thing Innova excels at, among many things, is material development. They’ve experimented with dozens of plastic blends to get the best possible disc. The nice thing about this set is you have a chance at a nice variety of plastics. Star, Starlite, Gstar, Echo Star, and some others. You won’t find anything too fancy in this set, it’s for beginners after all. There’s a nice range that maintains ease for beginners along with durability. 

Disc Flight Pattern:

This discs are really no frills when it comes to flight path. The driver flies straight and it gets pretty good distance. It’s a great starter disc for beginners because of its reliable flight path. For the more advanced player it makes for good practice on throw and grip in between fancier throws for fades and hooks. This is also where the putter really stands out. It’s pure accuracy when it comes to flight and should be something even advanced players keep in their bag. Like we said it’s a bit heavy, but that makes it insanely accurate on putting throws. 

Innova disc golf starter discs

A Variety of Skill Levels:

This is a beginner set, but that doesn’t mean only newbies can use out of it. A nice base set is the key to developing your game. If you want to get fancy, you have the ability to do that. A nice set to learn how to grip and throw properly and, at the same time, a great set to just have practice rounds with. The big word for this set is reliable. The discs won’t do anything too fancy, which may be a drag for some players but for what they are and what they could be in the right hands, they’ll come through for you. 

Pros of Innova Starter Kit:

  • A good selection of discs to give you everything you need to start playing.
  • Includes a carrying case and a marker.
  • Quality plastics from a world known brand

Cons of Innova Starter Kit:

  • Can't select your individual disc colors.
  • All these discs are pretty similar in weights, so you don't get to experiment much with different weights and plastics.

Final Thoughts on the Best Disc Golf Starter Kits:

Overall their are a handful of different starter kits to help you get into disc golf.  Generally speaking these are all pretty good choices.  I actually started playing disc golf with a single distance driver that I used for driving, mid-range and putting.  That being said, if you really want to experience how disc golf should be played, you are best off picking up a starter kit to provide you with a driver, a midrange, and a quality putter.  That being said, if you have gotten a grasp of disc golf, and you're ready to pick up a new disc, then check out our ultimate guide to individual discs!


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