Best Discraft Discs and Reviews

Founded in 1979 by playing partners Jim Kenner and Gail McColl out of a garage in Michigan, Discraft has quite the humble beginnings in disc golf. Fast forward 40 years and Discraft is one of the biggest names in disc golf, ultimate frisbee and freestyle discs!

They originally decided to begin manufacturing discs because they were tired of purchasing discs only for them to have manufacturing flaws and inconsistencies, so they knew that they could do better.

They strive every day to produce disc golf discs that are of the highest quality possible and something that is as good as possible for their consumers. They wanted to be known as the most trusted disc golf disc manufacturer in the world, and I would say that Discraft has accomplished that goal.

Now that Discraft has made a huge name for themselves in the disc golf industry and are sold in countries throughout the world, it brings us back to their individual disc quality.

I’ve tried hundreds of different disc golf discs over the years and quite a few of Discraft’s discs. So I’ve created individual disc reviews of each Discraft disc I’ve tried.

Discraft Disc Reviews:

I know I’ve been happy with just about every Discraft disc that I’ve tried, so I’m sure you will be as well!


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