Best Understable Distance Drivers – More Distance and Flight Time!

On StJudeDiscGolf we’ve talked about stable distance drivers and overstable drivers, as well as the best disc golf discs overall, but we still have to talk about understable distance drivers!

Understable disc golf drivers can be an essential disc in your bag because they generally will turn over more in the beginning of the flight path which allows you additional distance and overall flight duration!

Although these are generally the perfect choice for beginners, they are necessary for players of any skill level. They will allow beginners to get a bit more distance and they will give advanced players a bit more control, especially on tight fairways.

I generally have 3-5 different understand drivers in my disc golf bag at any time but here are my top 5 best understable disc golf distance drivers:

  1. Innova Tern
  2. Discraft Avenger SS
  3. Innova Valkryie
  4. Axiom Tenacity
  5. Innova Roadrunner

Each of these discs is up slightly different and they have pros and cons. Below we’ll go into which disc might be the best for your individual play style!

1. Innova Tern:

Innova Tern Flight Path

About The Innova Tern:

Our number one choice is the Innova Tern understable disc! This is a great driver for intermediate to advanced players and will give you good distance while still allow you to throw a nice hyzer flip. As you can see with the flight path, with just a little bit of power you can get good distance with a nice soft finish.

I would recommend you choose the Champion version of this disc since it has a nicer feel to it and the rim tends to fit better. With a 2.3 cm rim you’ll get a more flush grip which will give you a smoother release.

If you’re a beginner and don’t have the fastest arm speed this will lean slightly more stable, but once you build up your arm speed you’ll really see this disc come into its own.

Overall for beginners and advanced players alike, this would be one of the first understable discs you should consider! I still use this disc nearly every time I play a round!

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2. Discraft Avenger SS:

discraft avenger ss understable driver
avenger ss flight path

About The Discraft Avenger SS:

The second best understable distance driver is the Avenger SS by Discraft!

This “Super Straight” Avenger and really shines when used by intermediate and advanced players who have the disc speed to match.

If you are a beginner this disc is still an excellent choice and will fly a bit easier than then Tern. It has a bit slower of a speed rating which will allow beginners more control if you don’t have the disc speed needed.

That being said, this has slightly less glide than the Tern so overall you’ll see slightly less distance, but the added control is a big benefit!

Overall this is an excellent understable disc for anyone looking for a bit more control and comfort. If you’re looking for a guaranteed fairway driver, then this is for you!

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3. Innova Valkyrie

About The Innova Valkyrie:

Third on our list is the Innova Valkyrie which is a very common disc that most people have probably experienced at one point or another.

This is an excellent understable distance driver for beginners specifically. It has a very low arm speed rating which means that even beginners will have best results without needing a very fast arm speed.

Along with this the flight pattern is very well suited for beginners and intermediate players alike. It is a relatively straight easy glide that gets pretty solid distance.

If you’re more of an advanced player you’ll be able to get big rollovers with good distance which really allows you to pick your shot on tight fairways.

Overall, you’ve probably experienced an Innova Valkyrie at somepoint because it’s a very common disc, but there’s a reason for it’s massive popularity. For beginners or advanced players alike, you should have the Valkyrie in your bag!

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