Discraft Buzzz Disc Review – Best Midrange Disc?

The phrase “leave it to the professionals” still rings true in an age where commerce promises any and all goods at a moment’s notice. The truth, sadly, is that quality is a forgotten commodity in the modern market. Ask yourself: Would you trust gas station, freezer-burned fish over authentic, sushi-house sashimi? Would you trust your children with a stream-lined, third-party babysitter over your trusted neighbor?  Would you invest in a corporate, mass-production whose headquarters is thousands of miles away when you could buy with a trusted, local expert? If you value your time and the quality of your purchases, you’ll choose the product and people whose passion rise above the rest; in terms of frisbees and these standards, no company can compare to Discraft.

discraft buzzz review

The very founding of Discraft originates from the humble dreams of Jim Kenner and Gail McColl. In a small, Westland, Michigan garage, those two began the work that has grown into a global success today. The history and success of Discraft and all of its products exists in the business mentality of earning the it-factor, working from the bottom and building up! 

This company supplies the best in all frisbee products and equipment because the founders live the Discraft experience alongside their customers. In addition to their passion and knowledge, the Discraft company is dedicated to competition; with over 10 elite teams, 19 tour teams, and dozens of international members and competitors, Discraft operates within the world of disc golf and ultimate at the highest level.

With a team and company as strong and successful as Discraft, it’s to be expected that the best products are designed, built, and used by those very same individuals.  At the head of the line of elite frisbees is the must-have disc, which is intended for anyone at any level of ability in the sport of disc golf; this disc, properly named the Discraft Buzzz, maintains qualities that make it an essential item in anyone’s round of eighteen.

The primary plus of the Buzzz is its reliability. In a game where the weather conditions and terrain are constantly changing, always affecting the play of the game, its crucial to have a disc that allows for smooth, purposeful throws that can reach their mark consistently. To quote a review of the Buzzz from the Discraft competitive chat, the Buzzz “…does its job every time.” Tied into the Buzzz’s dependability is its ease of throw. Within the last decade alone, the world of disc golf and ultimate has seen a brilliant rise in popularity, and with so many newcomers to the game there is bound to be frustration in mastering the game. The Buzzz’s stability allows for newcomers to the game (and those new to frisbees and discs all-together) to develop healthy, effective throwing habits.

buzzz midrange disc

Between the top two qualities of the Buzzz, reliability and stability, there is an additional feature that dedicated players appreciate: comfort. Nearly every Buzzz model features a soft-grip rim and lightweight status. This disc offers the chance to succeed in a throw and offers the least amount of strain on the fingers and arm in the process! 

It’s also important to note that the disc, in all plastic forms, advertises itself as a “mid-range disc,” but several of the Discraft customer reviewers remark how long the Buzzz has been proven to travel with surprising accuracy (one customer even claimed that it held a straight shot for nearly three-hundred feet!).

Discraft Buzzz Plastic Types

The soft-grip and lightness of the Buzzz is offered in Discraft’s default plastic, the ESP. This default offers the afore mentioned benefits and is only manufactured and offered by Discraft. Other options for plastic include the ESP Flex and the Titanium (“Ti”). With the Flex, the disc’s durability becomes the primary focus, which allows this version of the Buzzz to bend, bounce, or blast any obstacle while retaining little damage. It also holds up well in cold and wet weather and is one of the oldest plastic methods used. The “Ti,” conversely, is a newer release (2012) and a blend of plastic that allows for improved stability. All of these models operate under the primary goal of the Discraft Buzzz.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the options for the Buzzz, find comfort in knowing that there are more forms of plastic that can be used with the Buzzz—Z model, Z Lite, X Line, and others—but while these models offers specifications for back-hand throw, ultra-lightness, carry, comfort, and on and on and on, the simplicity of the original blends offers the best experience for disc golfers of every level.

discraft buzzz ss

My high recommendation of ESP/ESP Flex Buzzz does come with fair warning; despite all the benefits of this specific model and plastic design, the Buzzz requires some “OOMF.” If you find that you’re not the type of golfer to follow through on your throw, the Buzzz will turn-and-burn on you in a flash! The disc golf model requires an arm that can supply confident throws. The Buzzz, despite its purposeful engineering, cannot do all the work for you.

It’s with these considerations that I, again, highly recommend the trusted products of Discraft and distinguish the durable ESP Flex Buzzz as the best all-around disc for most golfers. This disc, of course, shouldn’t be considered the end-all for professionals or others hoping to expand your game. Rather, think of the ESP Flex Buzzz as a stepping stone to your growing talents for more specified and intricate frisbees, and, when you find yourself in a comfortable position on a rainy day with a simple, mid-range shot for the win know that you can smile, reach in your bag, and retrieve this weapon, this classic, the “ol’ reliable” of your arsenal of discs, the Discraft Buzzz.


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