Discraft Nuke Review – Most Popular Distance Driver?

If you’ve played disc golf for any length of time, you’ve probably come across the brand Discraft, whether you’re aware of it or not. This manufacturer has been around for well over 40 years now and has gained a reputation in the disc golf community as one of the top makers of discs, gear, and baskets for disc golf. They own the company Disc Golf Association (DGA), as well as Team Discraft, an elite competition team whose players have each competed in and/or won the disc-golf world championship.

Discraft offers a wide selection of discs, from distance drivers and drivers through the mid-ranges to putters, forty-eight molds in all. It’s a popular brand, one of the two favorite mainstream brands for most players.

discraft nuke review

The Nuke is one of the nineteen distance driver designs offered by Discraft. It can be purchased in a wide range of weights and colors to suit the player bagging it. The Nuke is an understable maximum distance driver with an extra-wide rim, designed for intermediate players to be able to get the same distance as more expert players but requiring a less powerful throw. It’s considered best suited for backhand throws but some players prefer it for forehand due to the wide rim and difficult grip.

This disc is known for a distinctive flight pattern with a 3.0 turn and an equal -3.0 fade, which when thrown well brings it along an s-curve to land more or less in a straight line from the place it was thrown. This flight path can cause problems, however, when the hole in play is forested or narrow, or if it has any other obstructions.

discraft nuke plastics

Discraft states that this disc is designed for developing players, according to their website it, “gives developing players the means to get the distance of more advanced throwers without needing years of experience.”

Reading the reviews on this particular line of discs, feedback is mixed. Most players agree that it offers an impressive distance drive, some players throwing up to 400’ and beyond. But while some players declare that it’s a bag staple, others say the disc is too unreliable to take up valuable bag space. Some players think the 1.6 stability rating is accurate, others find it to be much more overstable.

The player rating is also under debate. While some less advanced players love it, other players opinion is that it’s only good for an expert power-thrower with perfect form. Maybe that’s a small exaggeration, but to read the reviews left for this disc, you’ll generally find that everyone falls into one of the two camps.

Discraft Nuke Pros

  • Great For Long Range Shots: Helps Give You Some Bragging Rights
  • Extremely Accurate When Thrown Correctly
  • Accuracy and Distance Makes This Extremely Popular Among Professional Players
  • Versatile Enough To Be Thrown With a Backhand or Forehand
  • Powerful Glide: This Thing Just Keeps Going
  • Customizable Design: Multiple Plastics and Weights Available

Discraft Nuke Cons

  • Some Players Can See It As Challenging Until The Work The Disc In
  • Best Not Be Used For Approach or Midrange Shots
  • Thick Rim Which Can Be Uncomfortable For Some

Some of the variances of the reviews may be due to the number of options available for this disc. As one of the most popular maximum distance drivers manufactured by Discraft, the Nuke is highly customizable.

Types of Plastics For Discraft Nuke

Z is a hard, durable plastic, but offers a lower grip rating. Discs made from this plastic are likely to be reliable and last for a long time before they need to be retired from your bag, but you may be less likely to use them due to the less comfortable grip.

ESP Nuke disc

Z FLX is a premium plastic that offers all the durability of Z but with an excellent grip. This plastic is top of the line and well worth shelling out for… if you’ve decided to pursue disc golf and you are ready to invest. FLX plastic also will hold up in all weather conditions and is a great option for a pro player.

Titanium is a premium plastic with a distinct, shiny surface. Because of the surface, it has a slightly lower grip rating, although still high. This is another great purchase for any bag, but be sure to test the feel and decide if it works for your throwing style.

ESP is a mid-grade plastic with good durability and grip. If you’re just exploring disc golf and you know you’re going to get some use out of your discs, ESP is a good starter plastic for your budget.

X is a basic plastic that offers good grip but less durability at a lesser cost than the premium plastics. This is great if you just want to try the sport without the cost that can rack up quickly with gear purchases and golf green fees.

Discraft Nuke Summary

In the end, we decided that the Nuke is one of those discs you just have to try out to see if it suits you or not. It looks good on paper and has lots of fans, but there are a significant number of people who don’t think it performs the way the manufacturer promises. Players also complain about the uncomfortable grip for backhand throws and the amount of power required in your throw to get a good glide from this disc. But if you do decide to give it a shot, we recommend trying the Z FLX Nuke for the best grip and durability.  Does this rank number 1 on our list for our best disc golf disc?  Check out our giant guide!


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