How To Throw A Hyzer Flip – What Is A Hyzer?

What is a hyzer flip?

You’ve heard of the hyzer flip. It’s an impressive, dynamic disc golf shot where the player snaps his arm forward like a bull whip. The disc launches at an angle then magically flips to the flat position midair. The disc flies on a relatively straight and narrow path and keeps going… and going… and going… Finally, at the end of its flight it fades to the left and lands gently near the course – a good 300+ feet from it’s starting position.

how to throw a hyzer flip

“How did the player do that?” you’re asking. “Can I do that, too?” Of course you can! We are going to tell you exactly how. 

What exactly is a hyzer?

A hyzer refers to the downward angle of the disc upon release. For right-handed throwers, this means the left side is tilted towards the ground (and opposite for left-handed throwers). The result is a disc that flies long-distance down a narrow path. 

A hyzer flip happens when you throw an “understable” disc with greater power than what the disc is rated for. This is called “overpowering.” Understable means the disc tends to sail to the right when thrown flat. 

When is a hyzer flip used?

Hyzer flips are a great choice for wooded courses with narrow lanes, or when a player needs to get more distance out of a shot. It’s not necessarily used on open courses, but that doesn’t stop some of the pros from using it.

Hyzers can be quite difficult to master, thankfully I was able to practice using a practice net. I use Revolve Disc Golf Nets in my backyard to be able to practice shots without having to chase the discs all over the place. This has really sped up my ability to nail down the technique. Take a look at their disc golf nets!

What discs are used for a hyzer flip?

You need an understable disc to pull off this shot. If you look at a disc golf disc, you’ll notice four numbers printed on its top side or “flight plate.” From left to right those numbers represent the ratings for Speed, Glide, Turn and Fade. When deciding on a disc for a hyzer flip, you want to look at Turn, which indicates how far to the right the disk tends to fly. The numbers rate from +1 to -5. Negative numbered discs are understable. Choose a disc with a turn rating between -1 and -3. 

You may already own a nice understable disc. Discs that are “beat in” are a great choice as they have become unstable through extensive use and abuse. 

Speed is crucial to a hyzer flip. As mentioned earlier, you need to overpower the disc’s speed rating to pull off a successful hyzer flip. The higher the disc’s speed rating, the more power it takes to get it to fly right. Start practicing your hyzer flip with a lower speed disc until you get your hyzer angle down. Many seasoned players recommend starting with a putter and working up to a long-range driver. Check out our guide for the best disc golf discs for intermediate players and you’ll be able to find a few that are perfect for hyzers!

As for which models to use, every person you ask will give you a different list. The important part is to go with a disc you are comfortable with and can trust with a hyzer throw. 

How to Throw a Hyzer Flip:

Step by step, here is how to throw a hyzer flip:

  1. Choose a nice big open field to practice in, ideally on a day with little wind interference.
  2. Hold the disc with a “power grip.” Place the disc firmly in your palm with your fingers curled around the edge so that your fingertips press against the inside of the rim. Your thumb will be positioned over the flight plate of the disc, where the flight plate meets the rim. It should feel snug and secure in your hand. 
  3. Hold the disc in the hyzer position. Keep your wrist straight and loose. You want your arm to do the throwing for you.
  4. Keeping the disc at a hyzer, pull your arm back past your shoulder and snap it forward with force. You want to put enough power behind the toss that it forces the disc from hyzer to flat near the beginning of its flight.
  5. Throw low and keep the nose down. If the disc flies more than 10 feet or so off the ground, the glide might cause the flip to turn over entirely, or the disc will turn or fade in a direction you don’t want it to go. 

Pro tips:

  • Perfect your hyzer first, until it becomes second-nature. Then work on your speed.
  • Commit to the hyzer. Once you start the throw in hyzer, follow through with it.   
  • If the disc stays in hyzer through the flight, you’re not putting enough force into the throw. Try using a disc with a slightly lower speed rating.
  • Play with the angle of the hyzer. Each disc will require a different angle depending on the power and technique of the player. The more understable a disc is, the more you’ll need to adjust the hyzer. 
  • Instead of changing their throw or wrist position, some players change up their stance. Leaning forward through the toss produces a natural hyzer position. 
  • Try adjusting your hold. Some players find it easier to reposition their thumb towards the center of the disc’s, causing it to tilt into a hyzer without having to change their position.  

Final Thoughts on Hyzer Flips:

Practice, practice, practice. The hyzer flip is an advanced shot that will take a lot of – you guessed it! – practice. When done correctly, a hyzer  throw with an understable disc will flip up flat and fly far, ending with a gentle fade. 

Remember: Throw low, keep the nose down and commit to the hyzer. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right away. This is a shot anyone can learn – including you! Keep at it and before you know it you’ll be throwing like the pros.

What are your tips for throwing hyzer flips? Let us know in the comments! 


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