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April 3, 2020

For those of you reading this who are new to the world of Disc Golf, this is the proper article to start with. The Innova Beast is, of course, manufactured by Innova, the original patent holder of the disc specific to the sport. Since 1983, when the first patent was filed, Innova has remained a technological and manufacturing giant in the Disc Golf industry.

The Beast was originally produced in December 2002 and has been one of the most popular distance drivers since. The reason this article is perfect for you, new players, is because the Innova beast is widely considered one of the best distance drivers for beginners.

With a rating of 10/5/-2/2, this Speed 10 driver has a high amount of glide and a fairly stable flight path. It’s considered to be a great turnover and tailwind distance driver because of its high glide rating. As a disc at the lower-speed end of the distance driver scale, it is very controllable and easier for beginners to throw.

innova beast flight path

According to Barry Schultz, a pro who endorses the Beast, it’s a wonderful disc of which to have multiples in your bag, as each type of plastic provides him with a different advantage. Similarly, Eric Friedman, another pro, uses the Beast for its versatility – he can throw it with any grip – and relies upon its big S-curve to avoid obstacles down the middle of the course.

As the Beast has been available for almost twenty years, it is available in all the main plastic lines. Each one has its own advantages, so most experienced players will have a couple of Beast options in their bag. Beginners would be happiest with a DX, but other plastics will work well for newbies, too.

Pros of the Innova Beast:

  • Works well for forehand, backhand, and sidearm throws
  • Versatile – can make a wide variety of tough shots
  • Bigger arms will find it’s ideal for steep hyzer turnovers
  • Lots of glide
  • Very accurate
  • Really shines in a tailwind

Cons of the Innova Beast:

  • Not as reliable once worn in
  • Not much different from the Valkyrie or Archon, so may not be worth adding to your bag if you already have those
  • Not optimal in windy conditions

Types of Plastic for the Innova Beast

As mentioned before, the Beast is available in Star, GStar, Champion, Pro, and DX plastics. Each line offers something different, so it’s worth a careful look at which plastic (or plastics) you add to your bag.

champion beast review

The Champion Beast is notable for its forgiving nature. As an extremely durable, overstable plastic, beginners will find that they can more easily learn a forehand throwing technique with this disc. For those with more power, the Champion Beast will reliably finish to the right when thrown forehand. With a RHBH throw, it’ll have less turn and fade hard. Players of all experience levels love the Champion Beast for its comfortable grip and reliability, whether you’re using it for distance or as an anhyzer go-to disc.

The Blizzard, a version of the Champion that is lighter due to its microbubbles, tends to be a much flippier disc. For beginners, however, a 140g Blizzard Champion Beast will be more understable than the standard Champion and get you more distance. If you’re looking for a lighter, but more stable disc, the GStar is a great alternative.

The Pro plastic line, known for its glide and all-weather grip, is another flippy option. Despite that, it tends to be a manageable disc and gets consistent distance due to its increased glide. In cases where you can’t get a good run up, it can get you the power you need for your shot.

Innova beast review

The DX is the most economical of all the plastics offered by Innova, which is part of why it makes such a brilliant beginner plastic. Again, a Beast in this plastic will be more flippy for beginners, but doesn’t require flawless technique to get a solid shot in. For faster arm speeds, it’s a more neutral disc, making it a powerful choice for advanced players looking for shot shaping capabilities.

Lastly, the Star line is one of the most popular plastics offered by Innova. As a premium plastic alongside the Champion line, the Star is quite durable. The Star Beast will be more stable when new, which makes it superb for forehand flex shots.

Final Thoughts on the Innova Beast

The Innova Beast is an all-around winner – across the internet, this disc boasts rave reviews. It is regarded by most as the best beginner distance driver for a multitude of reasons, but chief among them that big distance comes easily. Being a Speed 10, the Beast doesn’t require a lot of arm speed to get up to a higher velocity, so beginners with slower arm speeds will still be able to hit their furthest distances with this disc.

Additionally, newer players will find that this disc, being very forgivable, is fantastic for learning new techniques. Similar to the Shark and Leopard, I’d recommend this to any new players! Many players have started with the Beast and learned to flip, add power, get additional distance from the high-speed turn, and keep drives on the hyzer. New players will be able to improve their form and curb their bad habits in order to get to the next level of play.

For advanced players, the Beast offers a lot to work with. Its glide rating means that at higher arm speeds, this disc performs amazingly at long turnovers and roller shots. When worn, the Beast will execute incredible hyzer and anhyzer shots similar to the Destroyer and Daedalus. What advanced players love most about the Beast is its consistency – it will never let you down! If you love the Beast, you’ll have multiples in your bag.

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