Innova Boss Review – Current Longest Distance Holder!

If you are looking for an overstable driver designed for maximum distance off the tee, Innova Boss could be the ideal one for you! 

Why? Well, that’s because Innova boss has a reliable, fast, predictable fade and holds its shape well either in the woods or wide-open spaces. Advanced players, especially sidearm throwers, will love its dependable stability as it is perfect for windy conditions, as well as windless conditions. This disc is similar to the Innova Destroyer, but with an extra emphasis on distance!

So in this article, we will delve into Innova Boss in detail. Ride along. 

Innova Boss Disc Review

Overview of the Innova Boss Driver

Innova Boss is the first ultra high speed 13 driver, one of the manufacturer’s most popular offerings available in all the most prominent plastics at Innova. The boss disc is a world record-breaking distance driver in Blizzard Champion Plastic. 

Today, Innova Boss holds the world record as the longest disc flight in history because its device flew 1,108 feet. Its 2.5 cm rim width is almost as wide as the Professional Disc Golf Association’s maximum rim width.

Specifications for Innova Boss

  • Rating numbers for flight: The boss speed rating is 13, Glide is 5, Turn is 0, and Fade is 3
  • Primary Use: Distance Driver
  • Stability: Very Overstable
  • Recommended Skill Level: Advanced
  • Plastic grade(s): Durable
  • Beadless: Yes

Boss Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.1 cm
  • Height: 1.5 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.2 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.5 cm
  • Max Weight: 1526.00 g

Available Plastics

  • Star: 165-175g
  • R-Pro: 135-164g
  • GStar: 165-175g
  • Starlite: 130-169g
  • Champion: 172-175g
  • Blizzard: 130-159g
  • EchoStar: 170-175g
  • Pro: 165-175g
  • DX: 151-175g


  • Fast driver
  • versatile go-to driver for every single kind of shot off the tee
  • Overstable


  • Large rim
  • Not beginner-friendly

Types of Plastic

  • Innova Star Plastic

The Innova Star plastic combines grippy, abrasion-resistant polymers that offer durability virtually equal to a Champion Plastic and provide a better grip than a Pro Plastic. Star plastic is the ideal choice for your game due to its outstanding performance, longevity, and superior grip.

  • Innova Champion Plastic

Champion Discs are made of transparent or pearlescent high-tech plastic, which retains their original flight and provides outstanding performance for a long time. We are talking about 5X more time than discs made from DX plastic and more stable than a Pro, R-pro, or DX. It is predictable whether used in heavily wooded situations or on challenging courses. In addition, the Innova champion plastic is explicitly designed for professional players. 

  • Innova Pro Plastic

The pro plastic is the economical putter disc and mid-range plastic for professionals who want to be the world champions. This disc has more Glide and an increased grip than the champion plastic; it is durable and maintains great flight features more than a DC or R-Pro disc. 

  • Innova R-Pro Plastic

Softer than most pro blends is a unique way to describe the R-Pro line plastic. The R-Pro plastic has an improved grip and gives the best feeling in all kinds of weather. Its more durable, superb, and its flexibility makes it unique. 

  • Innova G-Star Plastic

The G-Star ultra-premium plastic is a fantastic blend from Innova. G-Star disc has a unique metallic sheen that shines in wet and cold seasons and folds. G-Star is the most affordable out of all Innova’s premium plastics. It offers incredible traction, as it is ideal for playing disc golf in cold weather. However, it is not as firm as the Champion or star plastic. So you should go for Champion or star if you are seeking more firmness. 

  • Innova StarLite Plastic

Starlite plastic has the same features as the star, but this time has thousands of microbubbles embedded. As a result, this disc has high-speed drivers of lighter weight, making it more appropriate for beginners. It has a good grip that is ideal for those who desire champion plastic’s hold. 

  • Innova Echostar Plastic

With a focus on minimizing plastic waste in landfills, Innova developed an environmentally friendly product with excellent characteristics. This plastic from Innova is produced with a minimum of 50% recycled materials. Echostar has similar durability as well as a superior grip to a star plastic.

  • Innova DX Plastic

The Innova DX plastic is inexpensive and provides a good grip in various weather conditions, though it wears more quickly than premium plastic. High-level professionals typically carried several DX plastics of their choice to provide different fly patterns according to the situation. The DX Line offers the most weights and models, and some are available as glow-in-the-dark.

  • Innova Blizzard Plastic

Champion plastic has microbubbles incorporated into the durable Champion plastic. The result is a high speed, premium plastic driver with the weight as low as 130 grams! A Blizzard disc flies farther with less effort, with just as much stability as a 20-gram heavier disc. Most models with a weight of fewer than 135 grams float in water.

Boss Flight Ratings and Flight Pattern

When handled by an experienced player, Boss will fly quite straight for up to 350 feet before losing speed. After 100 feet of travel, the Boss will fade to the left. Although, it cannot only be limited to these figures. 

The greater the arm speed and the more influential the throw, the better the Boss disc flies. Its construction and high-speed rating make the Innova Boss disc best used in windy conditions because it can cut through the wind if thrown quickly and with many spins.

Who’s Boss Best For?

Innova Boss, designed for maximum distance off the tee, will find itself in an advanced player’s bag. It is the best choice for advanced players, backhand throwers, and sidearm throwers, as they will love its dependable stability.

However, we do not recommend this disc to players with a throwing distance of fewer than 300 feet/90 meters. Compared to other Innova Discs, this is definitely designed for those experienced players looking to maximize their distance.

Final Thoughts On The Innova Boss

Considering its rim width, players with a more prominent hand can manage the Boss disc more effectively than those with smaller hands. In all, we recommend the Innova Boss to you if you are a disc golfer and haven’t taken a turn on it yet. That’s because not too many other discs will give you such stability and flight. This is personally one of my favorite disc golf discs, and it really goes!

Having read the Innova Boss Review, you already know it provides distance and control to perform in the best tournament play. It also works incredibly well for a skip, low, high, and whichever shot you may like to throw. 

Hence, once you go on to try out the Innova Boss, we bet you won’t hesitate to keep it in your bag. 


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