Innova Colt Review – The Ultimate Windy Day Putter?

Innova Colt is a small low-profile disc that resembles the XD and Classic Roc discs. This putt and approach disc is not one you could call an excellent flier, at least when you talk about straightness. Is this a contender for the best disc golf disc? We’ll see.

Dave Dunipace of Innova nicknamed it “The Great Equalizer,” and it’s a good disc for approaching. Although it has a shallow rim, the beads on the surface help for good grips. The disc is almost perfect for short approaches, upshots, and long putts. Its profile makes for power and a modified fan grip, with a VTech design that enables better resistance and helps you achieve good underarm throws. This design enables the disc to perform well enough, even in bad climate conditions. 

The small shape and the rounded part of its wing also facilitates this resistance feature. With Colt, throwing from a long distance is pretty easy. This is because the shape of the disc aids a nice release. It could be thrown in straight lines as well as shaped lines. 

The Innova Colt disc is a creation of the Innova Company, known for its prowess in creating golf discs. It is a leading private firm in Europe set to leverage technology to enhance how we live. The Innova Company kicked off in Italy but has expanded to California where its research, production, and manufacturing occur.

Colt discs and every other equipment owned by Innova for the disc golf game originate from the company’s headquarters in Ontario, California. Innova has been in existence since 1983 and has thrived in a competitive world where technology lies at the center of everything. 

Innova Colt Specs and Features

Flight Ratings

Colt’s speed rating is 3, the glide rating is 3, the turn rating is -1, and the rating for fade is 1. 

Type of Plastic

The disc is made from XT plastic, DX plastic, Star plastic, and GStar plastic.

The Innova XT colt weighs about 165 to175g while the DX plastic weighs around 150 to 175g. The Star plastic ranges from 165 to 175g. The GStar plastic weighs around 165 to 175g

Type of disc

The Innova colt disc is a putter. It is neither a driver nor a mid-range disc. Putters have thinner rims, and their edges are wider than that of drivers and mid-range discs. 

Recommended skill level

The Colt disc is primarily for beginners. If you are new to the game, this disc is for you. People from intermediate and advanced levels can also use the disc. It is more suitable for people who are making their debut in the world of disc golf. The Colt disc is beginner-friendly.

 Innova Colt Disc Upsides

  • The disc is beginner-friendly
  • It has a firm grip
  • Comes with beads
  • Flat top which enables its flight
  • Speed and glide make for almost any kind of throw
  • There is no rolling over when you throw it
  • A great disc for all-weather conditions
  • Comfortable, and the feel is just nice.
  • It enables a good release
  • The cost is relatively low
  • The glide provides for longer putts
  • Versatile and multi-purpose

 Innova Colt Disc Possible Downsides

  • Thin rim not so good for a power grip
  •  XT plastic is too sticky
  • The speed is not the best you can find in putters
  •  The rim is too shallow

Types of plastics for Innova Colt

  • XT plastic: This plastic is mid-grade. It is perhaps the most popular of the Innova colt plastics. It is grippy and soft. It serves pretty well from long ranges. The grip level of this plastic is worth mentioning. It lasts long and serves so well whether wet or dry. This plastic weighs about 165 to 175g
  • DX plastic: This plastic is known for its affordability. It is relatively cheap, and the grip is wonderful. The plastic wears all thanks to the time factor. The flight rate is also not left out. The plastic is not hard to dye. This plastic disc weighs about 150 to 175g.
  • Star plastic: This is one premium plastic blend the company produces. It has blends of polymer, and predicting its flight is not so hard. This plastic is highly durable. The stable nature of this plastic is not so bankable. It is superior and makes sharp shots for a putter. The grip is a good one too. The disc weighs about 165 to 175g.
  • GStar plastic: This plastic is another fine blend of polymer. It is known for its stability. It lasts long and is also grippy. The plastic has a glossy look. It serves so well even in wet and cold conditions. The disc weighs about 165 to 175g.

Colt Flight Ratings and Flight Pattern

There are many discs manufactured by the company that golfers can choose from. Colt discs are known for their low profile small diameter size. They are straight flyers, although not the best you can find when it comes to the straightness side of things. Colt’s speed rating is 3, the glide rating is 3, the turn rating is -1, and the rating for the fade is 1. 

Now let’s talk about flight patterns. 

The Colt disc is great for putting, approaching, and sometimes driving. The flat-top makes for farther flights. It will not have you struggling for a nice release. This disc has torque resistance and flies pretty well even when the weather is not favorable. 

Is the Innova Colt Disc For You?

The Colt disc would find a spot in a disc golf beginner’s bag easily. The disc is beginner-friendly. As a newbie in golf, you shouldn’t find it hard to use Innova Colt discs because they do not need any special training or skill. 

If you need a small, nice putter for upshots and short approaches, then try out the Innova Colt disc. Although the putter is mostly known as the beginner’s disc, professionals also use it.

Final Thoughts On The Innova Colt:

The Innova Colt disc is a low-profile disc of a small diameter. It comes with a VTech design disc and flies straight. The disc is a putter, not a driver or a mid-range disc, and is great for upshots and short approaches. Dave Dunipace called this putt and approach disc “The Great Equalizer.”  The Colt disc is beginner-friendly, and it is highly recommended for everyone who wishes to give golf a try. No need to worry about your throws during bad climate conditions when you have a Colt disc. This is a must-have for any disc golf bag!

Thanks for reading this Innova Colt Review, I hope it was helpful in your buying decision, I hope you give this disc a try!


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