Innova Dart Review – The Perfect Disc For “Go-For-It” Shots?

Innova dart is a small-diameter disc used for long-range putts and go-for shots. When it comes to straight flights, the dart is the champion because it flies super straight and travels at a fast rate. 

The grip also looks improved and nice, so if you need a putter for power approaches, very straight flights, and almost zero fading, then the Innova Dart might just be begging for your attention.

In our Innova Dart review, you’ll get to see why. 

Innova Dart Overview and Specs

Innova dart is produced by a company known as Innova Champion Discs Inc., a private company that deals in the production of equipment for disc golf. The location is Ontario, California, United States of America. Dave Dunipace and Harold Duvall happen to have created this company in 1983.

Originally, Innova Champion Discs Inc was in Rome, the capital city of Italy. It kicked off as a privately owned company, and since then, the firm has become a household name. Innova has produced a large number of golf discs. The company’s headquarters is situated in California, where the production takes place.  

Innova dart is a putter, basically what we call a putt and approach disc. Discs for the game of golf could be a driver, mid-range, or putter. Putters do not need much speed to fly the way drivers and mid-range discs do. The rims of putters are more rounded compared to other discs. When you need to throw an accurate short-range and straight shot that leaves the disc lying close to your basket, the putter is your best bet. 

Innova Dart Review

Flight Ratings

  • Speed: 3.0.
  • Glide: 4.0.
  • Turn: 0.0.
  • Fade:  0.0.

Types of plastics the disc is made from

This disc golf disc is made from XT plastic, DX plastic, Star plastic, GStar plastic, Champion plastic, R-Pro plastic, EchoStar plastic.

The weight of the disc

  • XT plastic disc weighs 165 to 175g
  • DX plastic disc weighs 150 to 175g
  • Star plastic disc weighs 165 to 175g
  • GStar plastic disc weighs 165 to 175g
  • Championship plastic disc weighs 150 to 175g
  • R-Pro plastic disc weighs 150 to 175g
  • EchoStar plastic disc weighs 170 to 175g

Type of disc

Innova Dart is a putter or approach type disc, and is really designed as a straight flying disc that you can feel confident to go for the basket with.

Recommended skill level

Innova Dart serves all players. Newbies in the game do well with the dart. People playing at the advanced level also find it great. Advanced golf players and pros enjoy using it because it boosts their accuracy.

The dart is great and is an incredible choice for anyone who wants to make long-range putts and go-for shots. It is an ideal disc for all levels. Whether you are playing golf for the first time or have played the game for ages, the dart will still help you enjoy your game. Innova Dart is not restricted to any particular skill level, rather suitable for all players. 

What are the upsides?

  • Great for dead straight shots
  • Great for long-range putts and go-for shots 
  • Has a super glide
  • Does not turn over when thrown
  • An accurate disc
  • Serves for almost all purposes
  • Travels really fast
  • For players of all skill levels
  • Great for both forehand and backhand throws
  • Grippy, affordable, and durable

What to be wary of

  • Could be somewhat flippy when power is put into it
  • Has a limited color option

Types of plastic

XT plastic

This plastic is a tough and mid-grade blend.

DX plastic

Inexpensive and works well in hot and wet weather. You do not have to worry about the climate condition when you have this disc in your hands. It offers a firm grip. 

Star plastic

This plastic serves for all weather conditions. It is durable.

G-Star plastic

Comes with an excellent grip. Its stability is pretty low compared to that of others. 

Champion plastic

Here’s one that is transparent and known for its rigidity.

R-Pro plastic

This plastic is so durable and could serve even in cold conditions.

EchoStar plastic

Eco-friendly plastic is made from the remnants of other plastics.

Flight Ratings

When it comes to accuracy and straightforwardness, the Dart is at the top tier. It has an excellent glide with its speed rating at 3.0, glide at 4, turn at 0, and fade at 0.

Flight Pattern

This putter is known for its speed, accuracy, and super straight flight. There is no need to worry about your disc turning over when you have this putter in your hand. The movement of this disc in the air is super smooth and seems so effortless. It is splendid. The landing pattern of this disc is an easy one to predict. 

Who is this disc for?

The Dart is great and suitable for anyone who wants to make long-range putts and go-for shots. It is an ideal disc for all levels. Whether you are playing golf for the first time or have played the game for ages, the dart will still serve you. It is not for any particular skill level, but rather built for all players. 

Final Thoughts On The Innova Dart

Innova dart is a wide and straight putter. It is produced by a company called Innova Champion Discs Inc. This putt and approach disc is one disc you could trust for versatility. 

It is a stable disc you could use for both forehand and backhand throws. This small-diameter disc has a good feel and provides some sense of comfort when you grasp it in your hand. The disc comes in plastics and flies super straight. Golfers love it a lot because its great for just about everyone.


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