Innova Destroyer Review – Plastic Comparisons and Tips

The most popular disc golf distance driver in the world, the Innova Destroyer is great for beginners and advanced players alike. The Destroyer disc has been out for almost 10 years, and it has changed the game for countless disc golfers!

 It was released as the first ever 12 speed distance driver on the market. However, you might need to adjust the plastic type or weight of your disc to get the very best out of your purchase.  If you're interested in other disc reviews, check out our top ten disc golf discs guide.

Let's get into the Innova Destroyer Review!

Flight Path:

  • Speed 12
  • Glide 5
  • Turn -1
  • Fade 3
Innova Destroyer Flight Path

The flight path is crazy. It’s a speed 12 disc that has a reliable fade at the end.It's a stable to over-stable distance driver. The Destroyer comes in different types of plastic. In fact, the Destroyer comes in every type of plastic Innova makes.

That's a ton of different plastic, and the Destroyer works differently in each plastic blend that it comes in.  Knowing this - I will be covering what plastic blend is most preferred for the majority of players as well as my personal favorites. At the end of everything, we should be able to help you find the perfect disc for your skill level and arm speed!

For The Beginner...

The Destroyer really isn't a beginner friendly disc. It's high speed will have most novices throwing 200-250 ft  meathooks. I don't personally suggest you start with this as your first distance driver. 

As we know, everyone buys plastic and discs that probably aren't best for them at the time, especially when you're starting out. That is why I'm writing this section regardless. To safeguard anyone that is going to buy one anyways.

DX plastic is the most basic plastic out there and tends to be more understable than other plastic blends. If you're still new to the sport and Paul Mcbeth has convinced you to buy a Destroyer, proceed with caution.  If you're going to buy a Destroyer, the safest bet would be DX plastic and a low weight.

For The Experienced...

If you've been playing disc golf for a little while now, than you most likely already own a Destroyer. However, certain plastics have slightly different flight paths.

For the most part, you've already chosen the plastic blend that fits your style already. But if you are trying to get the Destroyer to stay stable longer, I might be able to help you.

I've personally found a few domey Destroyers in Gstar plastic that I have found to be more flippy for a Destroyer. I can reach 390ft with it on a slight anny route. It gets me a nice, but often late S-curve.

Now, to be fair that's my max distance; but without the Gstar plastic I couldn't get my Destroyer to fly that far. You might be able to get away with a Champion or Blizzard plastic blend if you choose to lower the weights of your disc. 

I personally don't like getting max weight distance drivers. My Destroyer is a 167g and decently worn in. So, I'd suggest to go out and try a few different options.

Innova Destroyer - Disc Profile

The Innova Destroyer has a very thin profile (1.4cm). It's thin design helps the disc reach extra long distances.  Personally I try to find "domey" Destroyers as they tend to flip a little more. This is a more domey Destroyer in the picture (my only one left).

Destroyer underside shape

The width on the underside of the disc is perfect for fast drivers.

The rim width is 2.2 cm. This is pretty consistent with other high speed drivers Innova makes. 

The rim width and the domey top help me take a control grip or a power grip and get safe distance.

Since I've started playing, a Destroyer has always been in my bag. It's an obvious winner for recreational and professionals alike.


Best Shots for the Destroyer

There's a reason Mcbeth has a signature disc. There's a reason it's the Destroyer.   Paul Mcbeth might even throw the Destroyer better than Avery......

Paul McBeth uses the destroyer

Straight to Fade

Everytime I'm at my home course, I reach for my Destroyer. Longer drives pushing 400 ft will get me to circles' edge with the right release. I can throw my Destroyer on a relatively low line. It's served me well, and if you have the timing for it, I'd suggest giving it a try.  You can absolutely crush this disc with a reliable straight shot 300-350 ft before it slows with a reliable fade.

Reliable Fade is an understatement.

Big Sky Hyzer

Have a big tree in your way? The Destroyer was made for this shot. Since it's a speed 12, it gets around obstacles pretty quick. 

The trick is getting the right hyzer angle as well as timing your release. I can personally Hyzer my Destroyer about 300-315 ft. It definitely does the job in those "situations" you just need to avoid.  You will lose distance on the higher angles too, so take that into account.

Stability Difference Between Plastic Blends

That's a lot of options. But we need to dive into the specific plastic blend to get a thorough look at what plastic is best for you.

For the sake of saving us all some time, I won't be going into how different runs can also have an effect on flight patterns. All I will say is that the manufacturing process isn't perfect.

I believe there are more consistent differences between plastic blends than by a "run-to-run" basis on those same discs. (My personal opinion)

champion destroyer review

The Champion plastic is a fan favorite for thousands of disc golfers out there.

It is generally more stable than other plastic blends, so expect a new 175g Champ Destroyer to have a meathook.  You'll have better luck finding a used Champion Destroyer with a little bit of personality to it. 

I haven't found many places besides Ebay & Amazon to buy used disc golf discs from, but I was recently introduced to They have a full line of used discs from multiple manufacturers. 

Guess what else they have?  Used Champ Destroyers! 

The Blizzard Destroyer is something to take note of.  The plastic incorporates  microbubbles into the popular Champion plastic.  What do you get? A lower weight disc that can be thrown as far as it's heavier brothers.  Blizzard weights go down to 130g! This makes this plastic perfect for children and younger kids to get out and throw extra distance!

Blizzard Destroyer Review

If you like a little more grip on your drivers, the Gstar Destroyer is the disc you should take a look at. 

Made with a special plastic blend, the mold has a flexible feel to it. The "G" stands for gummy. 

G-Star Destroyer Review

The disc weight is something I had to consider when I first picked up a Destroyer. I've found my sweet spot to be around 167g.

You will have to experiment to find which weight works for you, but I suggest trying something lower than 175g, especially since the disc is already a speed 12.

echostar destroyer review

Echo Star plastic has been known to be a tad flippy.

If you don't have the biggest arm but you still want to try out a Destroyer, this disc might be for you. 

Here's all the pros for the Echo Star plastic:

  • Better Grip Than Star Plastic
  • More Understable (Better For Slower Arm Speed)
  • Beats in Faster
  • It's a Flippy Destroyer

Pro plastic. Tends to beat in quick and is fairly more understable than other plastic molds. 

I haven't yet thrown a Pro Destroyer, but I've had Pro molds before. I personally didn't like them too much.

Pro Destroyer

For this reason, I didn't come up with much to talk about. If you do like the feel of the Pro plastic, than the Destroyer might be for you.

Are you looking for an understable distance driver? Check out my full review on the Innova Daedalus.

Metal Flake Destroyer

The Metal Flake Destroyer will throw pretty identical with the Champion plastic.  It also retains it's flight patterns for a longer period of time than the Champ mold.  Conclusion: Shiny Champion Version of the Destroyer.  I have started to stray away from Champion plastic. But the Metal Flake is definitely in for the long hall.

The Star Destroyer is Paul Mcbeth's signature disc.  It's a  really popular Destroyer mold among the majority of players I've talked with as well.

Unfortunately, my Star Destroyer is too stable and skips too much to be in my bag.  If you have a big arm though, you might want to check out the Destroyer in star plastic. It's stable and will season pretty well.

star destroyer plastic
dx destroyer

If I had to pick one plastic blend that is beginner friendly, especially for the Destroyer; it's DX plastic.​

The DX plastic is one of the most understable plastic blends Innova makes.   It beats in well and it's the cheapest Destroyer you'll find.

Every new disc golf player should bag one of these and start getting used to it. Definitely one of the best disc golf discs for beginners to start gaining more distance out of their throws!

Final Thoughts

No matter what type of plastic you choose to go with, the Innova Destroyer is one of the most reliable distance drivers on the market today. 

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