Innova Mamba Review – The Understable Underdog?

Do you desire to own an all-time favorite disc golf disc? Then Mamba should make it into your bag. This disc is a very understable distance driver, and it works for really great long hyzer flips.

 It’s also great for beginners looking to have an immediate bomber disc. Being as understable as it is, it flies way farther than your typical overstable distance driver. 


Overview of the Innova Mamba

Mamba is manufactured by Innova Discs Inc., also known as Innova. The Mamba is one of Innova’s most efficient high-speed and long-distance drivers. This disc will assist intermediate throwers in obtaining greater distance while also giving powerful throwers the ultimate turn. This driver is great for throws against the wind, turnover shots, and rollers. 

Throwing the Mamba into a headwind is not recommended since it has more high-speed turns than other long-range drivers. It will add distance to those who drive at a slower speed. This disc is superb for rollers, produces long lines for turnovers and straight shots. It has a thin rim and a shallow feel. The Mamba is also a great forehand and, in the hands of a beginner, can cover a surprising distance of 250-350 for a forehand. This disc also is perfect for backhands.

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Specifications For Innova Mamba

The Mamba can be the key to finally throwing drives on a hole with a backhand and seeing good results. For this Innova Mamba review, let us look at the specifications and flight characteristics of the Innova Mamba. 

  • Flight Ratings: Speed: 11, Glide: 6.0, Turn: -5 and Fade: 1.0
  • Primary Use: Distance Driver
  • Stability: Understable
  • Recommended Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Plastic grade(s): Air Bubbles, Basic (Cheapest), Durable, Midgrade, Premium
  • Beadless: Yes

Pros and Cons of Mamba


  • Easy to hyzer flip
  • Turns so fast
  • Good speed and stability
  • Its glide is lovely, and it’s reliable.


  • Not reliable for headwinds 

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Types of Plastics

For this Innova Mamba review, there are over four different vital plastics types for Mamba, and they come in various weights. They are Star: 160-175g, G-Star: 165-175g, Champion: 150-175g, and Metal Flake: 150-175g.

  • Star Plastic

Most people regard Innova’s Star Plastic to be the top of the range. Star Plastic blends the comfort of a Pro grip with the durability of a Champion grip to create an all-weather grip. It will also provide better retail flying characteristics than any other plastic. Star Plastic is the way to go if you want to give your best on the disc golf course.

Also, this is an environmentally friendly product because it is made out of 50% recycled plastic. GStar Plastic retains all of the outstanding qualities of Star, durable, reliable, predictable, and grippy. Several of the discs have a swirly appearance.

  • Metal Flake Champion 

Instead of getting glittery or hologram looks, Innova molded a new plastic, Metal Flake Champions.  They integrate tiny metal into the disc, giving it a sparkly look without taking away the discs original fight characteristics.

  • Champion Plastic 

Consistency is critical for perfection, and Champion Plastic provides you with an ultra-durable disc that can withstand the elements better than any other.  The prolonged wearing allows for the flight patterns to retain throughout use.  These discs tend to be stiff and are better suited for powerful throwers.  Innova occasionally changes the flight ratings on Champion Plastic discs due to the stiffness presented in the disc.  The most Champion disc will also be translucent.

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Mamba Flight Ratings and Flight Pattern

The Mamba features a -5-fade rating, an 11-speed rating, a 6-glide rating, and a -turn rating. Mamba has a unique flight pattern. The Mamba can be thrown to about 300-350 every time without trying to put everything you’ve got behind it.

The speed and stability of the Mamba offer players an easier way to throw shots that have an ‘any path. The Mamba is a disc that requires much less power for its high-speed turns. The important thing to keep in mind when throwing the Mamba is to have things under control. If you’re unaware of your body mechanics or like to ‘let it rip,’ you probably won’t enjoy the Mamba. 

No matter your skill level, the increased speed gives the disc a combined flight path and distance that certain slower armed players have yet to attain. In other words, if you’re slightly noodle-armed or just not that aggressive when you throw a drive, the Mamba will let you throw a controlled, long-distance anhyzer without sacrificing accuracy. 

You can aim at a target straight ahead, and the Mamba will turn and anhyzer before it hits that target. Throw it smooth, and it glides for a long time, or rear back and chunk it to get it out there. Please don’t throw it into a headwind, though. This disc is very understable at high speed, but it also has significant fade as it slows down.

Who the Mamba Is Best For

The Mamba might be the best driver for beginners because of how far it goes with such little power. The Mamba is a long-range turnover disc designed for players with slower arm speeds. For my arm speed, it turns up and over, then fades a little near the end. It can become your go-to distance drive. 

But if you’re a beginner, be aware that this disc does have a lot of fades as it slows down, so you have to plan for that. This understable driver is also an excellent choice for intermediate players who want to take their driving to another level. Throw it smooth, and it glides for a long time, or rear back and chunk it to get it out there.

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Final Thoughts on Innova Mamba Review

This driver is another must-have in your bag. It’s a nice out-of-the-box turnover disc. A little bit faster and more understable than the Monarch. It also is more consistent. Very useful to various players, as users who do not throw as hard should get a good distance. Stronger armed players will get huge shots that never come back. 

It is great for tailwind throws, turnover shots, downhill shots and makes a good roller. You will love the shallow rim and the clean release. The crux of the Mamba is the fact that it’s understable. It’s very understable. That being said, you still have to bring the disc up to its superior speed to experience this understable flight.


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