Innova Pig Review – A Predictable Disc Golf Putter

Innova Pig is an overstable disc that offers a slow glide and medium fade. The putter’s thick Thumtrac Rim provides extra stability and is available in a Soft grippy  R-Pro plastic which is great to throw in headwinds. 

Ricky Wysocki made the disc famous, and it is classified as a  putt and approach disc; In other words, it is used more than just for putting and approaching the basket from further out on the course. 

Once the Innova pig disc is thrown, it hyzes around the tree and, in any event it doesn’t go inside, turns around to sit by the basket. The Pig is great for backhands because it has almost no glide but goes short and left when thrown RHBH. It is also perfect for forehands, putting in headwinds, and delivering upshots.

This disc is easy to throw in whatever direction you want it to go, even in high winds. If thrown with enough spin on a total power forehand, the Pig doesn’t have as much consistency as the Croc, but it does fly as intended. 

Specifications of Innova Pig

No matter how extreme the wind gets, the disc retains its wet line. For players who have trouble throwing into a headwind, this Pig disc is a dream come true. Consider the specs:

Putter and Recommended Skill Level

The Innova pig disc does not come as a mid-range or driver, but it is a putter. The rims of this putter are thinner, and its edges are more expanded than that of a mid-range or driver disc.

This disc is recommended for everyone. One cool upside of this disc is that it is somewhat beginner-friendly. So, even if you’re a newbie in disc golfing, you can opt for this disc. Also, advanced or intermediate level players can make do with this disc. This is one of Innova’s most popular putters.

More specs 

  • Speed: 3.0
  • Glide: 1.0
  • Turn: 0.0
  • Fade: 3.0
  • Primary Use: Putt & Approach
  • Stability: Very Overstable
  • Recommended Skill Level: Everyone
  • Plastic grade(s): Air Bubbles, Midgrade, Premium
  • Beadless
  • Best Choice for Hyzer putting, Windy putts, Reliable approach shots 

Pig Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.2 cm
  • Height: 2.1 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.4 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.4 cm
  • Max Weight: 176.00 g

Available Plastics

  • R-Pro: 170-175g


  • Overstable Putter
  • Like Pro plastic but a little more flexible
  • Great hyzer approach disc
  • Solid putter for heavy winds
  • Its plastic is grippy and does not skip past the basket so that you can run.
  • Incredible for forehand shots
  • It fits comfortably in small hands
  • Affordable disc


  • Sometimes come with an inferior plastic

Types of Plastic 

Innova’s reputation for making consistent and dependable disc golf discs stems from the different plastic blends they use. 

The different types of plastics may seem overwhelming when you try to understand their differences and similarities, which makes each of them unique. So we’ll break it down.

Now, the types of plastic available are Star, StarLite, Echo Star, GStar, Champion, Metal Flake, Blizzard, XT Pro, Driver Pro, KC Pro, JK & R-Pro, and DX plastics. And all of them are classified according to their durability, grip and benefits. 

However, the variety of plastics used to make the Innova Pig Disc are the Pro and R-Pro. 

Innova Pro Pig Plastic

Innova discontinued its Pro Pig a couple of years ago and replaced it with a softer blend of Pro plastic called the R-Pro (“Rubber Pro”). The switch-up did not pan out well for everyone, which caused a spike in the value of the old Pro Pigs in disc golf marketplaces. 

Now the legendary Pro Pig is back with a brand new stamp! Discs from Pro-Line are produced with a specially designed plastic blend that provides specific qualities for each model. 

When you compare the Pro disc with the Champion plastic, Pro discs supply an enhanced grip. Also, pro discs happen to be more durable than discs made with DX plastic. They give extra glide and are the most inexpensive disc in stores. You’ll also find that this range is cheaper than star line or Premium Champion disc. Pro disc is majorly known for its grip ability.

Innova R-Pro Pig Plastic

In comparison to other Pro blends, R-Pro is softer. The R-Pro disc offers superior grip and an improved feel under all conditions. It is an excellent choice for approach and putts in a cold or wet condition with its great flexibility. 

The R-Pro plastic is exceptionally durable and sticks to the ground as well. With its low glide, you will be able to approach it no matter how windy the weather condition is. It is more affordable than the Champion and DX disc. 

Pig Flight Ratings and Flight Pattern

We had earlier outlined the specifications of this disc in our Innova Pig review, and the flight rating has shown how best the disc will function under different conditions. 

To recap, the Innova pig has a 3-Speed rating, 1-Glide, 0-Turn and 3-Fade. The pig disc tends to fade towards the end of its flight path, making it an excellent option for beginning players to learn on. 

Its pattern is excellent for putting and approaching. In addition, Pig does not roll away after hitting the ground, but the Pig will always fight back when a flex shot is attempted. While the Pig is especially impressive, once it reaches its destination, it begins to fade away.

Who Pig Is Best Suited To

The Innova Pig is designed for everyone with different skill levels. Players who are advanced and at intermediate levels could go for it. Beginners are also not excluded. It is the best choice for hyzer putting, windy putts, and reliable approach shots.

Final Thoughts On The Innova Pig

Innova Pigs are classic discs that everyone should have in their collection. The disc is a good utility disc. While it may not be helpful in every situation, you will appreciate that you have it on hand.

And because of the sleek design and affordable price point, this putter has become a favorite among new players, as well as those looking for another disc to add to their collection. It is an excellent approach disc due to the low glide, and it does not flip away from the basket. 

If you’re looking for the short, beefy bomber, here’s your chance to get those tight hyzer shots or some nasty little sidearms!


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