Innova Polecat Review – The Best Putt and Approach?

Innova Polecat is a wide and straight putt disc that seems to serve both amateurs and pros pretty well. With its ability to fly super straight, you can use it for just about any style, which is why beginners may want to go for it. 

The company behind the product is Innova Champion Discs Inc, commonly known as Innova. It is a private company known for producing facilities for disc golf. Founded in 1983 and situated in Ontario, California, Dave Dunipace and Harold Duvall are highly renowned founders.

The company traces its origin to Rome, starting out as a private firm and leveraging tech to rise to its current position. The headquarters is now in California, which is where discs like Polecat are produced.

Type of Disc:

The Innova polecat is a putter and approach disc. A disc golf disc can be a driver, mid-range, or putter of which the latter has the slowest speed out of the three. Not just lacking in speed alone, it also doesn’t rank the highest when it comes to rim thickness. This disc has the thinnest and the narrowest rim. This is a super straight disc that doesn’t go very far when in flight. 

Innova Polecat Specifications, Pros and Cons


  • Flight ratings:  The polecat speed rating is 1. It has a glide rating of 3, a turn rating of 0, and a fade rating of 0. 
  • Types of plastics the disc is made of: DX plastic, pro plastic, R-Pro plastic (rubber pro plastic), champion plastic, blizzard champion plastic, metal flake, champion plastic, I-Dye champion plastic, star plastic, Gstar plastic
  • Weight of disc: 175g
  • Type of disc: Putter
  • Recommended skill level: Beginner


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Flat surface
  • Super straight flight
  • Excellent for almost every drive, style, and approach
  • Easy to grip
  • Non-beaded
  • Fantastic for approach shots
  • Great for all climate conditions
  • Easy to release


  • Slow in flight
  • May not give the best glide effect

Types of Plastics Available:

There is a variety of plastics for making the discs. Let’s discuss those for a bit.

  • DX plastic: Weight range from 150 to 175g with great grip all-weather conditions and softer. But does not have as much longevity as its counterparts.
  • Pro plastic: An improved grip with increased glide. There are different pro plastic offerings from the Innova company.
  • R-Pro plastic: This plastic weighs 165 to 175g. Notably soft plastic with a nice grip and is good for wet climate conditions. 
  • Champion plastic: This transparent high technology plastic has a maximum weight of 177g, is more durable, and its speed serves advanced golfers well. 
  • Blizzard Champion plastic: This plastic weighs 130 to 165g. It has microbubbles that increase its speed and lessen its weight. The discs with lesser weights float on water and are more durable, firm, and good for advanced golf players. 
  • Metal flake champion plastic: This plastic weighs about 163g. It has speckles of metal that shine and reflect light. 
  • I-Dye champion plastic: Champion plastic discs are sometimes dyed in colorful designs just for fun and aesthetic purposes. 
  • Star plastic: This plastic which weighs about 173 to 175g, comprises different blends of polymers. It is long-lasting, strong, and has an improved grip.
  • Gstar plastic: This plastic is known for its shiny, supple, and durable qualities. It is a blend of star plastic and has a smooth flight transition.

Polecat Flight Ratings and Flight Pattern

Polecat Flight Ratings

There are tons of discs from which disc golfers can choose. Polecat discs fly straight and are excellent when it comes to accuracy. The putter may not rank up there when it comes to speed as It is quite a slow disc.

As a disc golfer, it makes sense to know the intricacies of disc flights. The rating below shows the exemplary operation of the polecat disc on an average day. The polecat speed rating is pegged at 1, with a glide rating of 3, a turn rating of 0, and a fade rating of 0. 

Polecat Flight Patterns

The polecat disc is fantastic for approach shots. Even when you miss your target, the basket, the disc stays close and remains fixed on the pitch without rolling. The polecat disc is just perfect for all-weather conditions.

The disc tends to maintain whatever angle it is flown in while keeping a straight flight pattern. If you’re interested in the game of disc golf, you should also acquaint yourself with the flight pattern of discs. 

Is the Polecat Disc Best For You?

Innova built the Polecat disc to cater to beginners who have a background in similar freestyle games, making it the ideal disc for beginners. One reason why we say so is that the disc flies exactly how you throw it. So you won’t be needing any special skills or training to get it right. 

You only have to aim at your target and release. Watch the disc hit the target, that is, if your shot is accurate. Being a trusted disc for short ranges, beginners find it easier to use the Polecat disc. So if you’re looking for something to help welcome newbies into the game of disc golf and familiarize them with the discs, this might be the most fitting pick. 

Anyone who throws and catches frisbees or other lids and throwables will not find the Polecat disc foreign. Although pros can use it as well, the disc does not need any special knowledge or advanced skill. 

Some of the discs, like the DX golf putter, can serve an entire family, making it easy for everyone to engage in the sport.

Should You Buy The Innova Polecat?

The polecat disc is a beginner-friendly putter for the game of golf. It comes in plastic that is easy to grip, flies straight when thrown, and is just the perfect putter for anyone new in the game. 

Created by one of the leading companies in technology in Europe, the putt and approach disc is accurate but slow, with a speed rating of 1. It works well with all-weather conditions, and the fact that it is easy to release makes it more beginner-friendly. 

If you are new to the game, the Innova Polecat is just the disc you need to start familiarizing with the throws. It is so beginner-friendly that even kids can use it when coached right. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Innova Polecat Review, now go get out and play a round!


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