Innova Rhyno Review – The “Wind Warrior”

Innova Rhyno might be what you’re looking for if you fancy a disc that’s more than just a wind and hyzer putter. Innova Rhyno is a very overstable putter and arguably is one of the best utility putters that can combat windy conditions with ease.

Why do we say so? Here’s our Innova Rhyno review. Keep reading. 

Overview of the Innova Rhyno

The Rhyno is a popular slow-flying overstable putter/approach disc with minimal glide. This disc features a thumbtack groove that helps provide excellent grip and controlled shots. 

innova rhyno review

The overstable nature of this disc is best used in spinning putts against headwinds or crosswinds, and throwing short-range drives where you don’t want to overshoot the basket. Another smooth upside of the wind-warrior putter is its ability to slow down significantly towards the end of its flight and otherwise minimize skips. 

Rhyno is a product from Innova and it stands up to their reputation. It is a great putter for both forehand and back approach shots. It flies straight for the first 80% of its flight before fading and falling quickly after. It is good at resisting torque, and when ripped hard, does not turn over. Also, it goes just as far as about 300 feet and does excellent on flick approach shots.

Specifications To Know About Innova Rhyno

In this Innova Rhyno review, we will thoroughly look at the Innova Rhyno by breaking down all of the critical specifications of the disc and the flight path. 

  • Flight Ratings: Speed: 2.0, Glide: 1.0, Turn: 0.0, and Fade: 3.0
  • Primary Use: Putt & Approach
  • Stability: Very Overstable
  • Recommended Skill Level: Advanced, Intermediate
  • Plastic grade(s): Basic (Cheapest), Durable, Midgrade, Premium
  • Beaded: Yes
  • Diameter: 21.3 cm
  • Height: 1.9 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.3 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.0 cm
  • Max Weight: 175.5 g

Pros and Cons of Rhyno


  • Over Stable
  • Flexible and durable
  • Big bead putter
  • It hits the ground a little bit better
  • Good for close destination
  • Moderately torque resistant 
  • Does not turn quickly.
  • Best used for hyzer throws.


  • Less thick rim
  • Slow speed putter
  • Fade pretty hard

Types of Plastics

We’d be moving on to the three types of plastics for Innova Rhyno. These plastics are for Rhyno putters, and they are all at max weight. They come in DX plastic (which is a base plastic), PRO plastic, and Champion plastic.

DX Plastic

The DX plastics retain their overstability but are slightly less stable over time and fly a little straighter. It is preferable for putting from short distances, particularly if you have a wind or a crosswind coming at you or off to your side. Best known for not flying off its course, it’s also good at landing pretty hard.

Pro Plastic

The Pro plastic is a little bit more flexible but more durable. It is a stiffer type of plastic.

Champion Plastic

This is the most stable of all the plastics. Champion plastic has the most durability and performance reliability that is great for faster-throwing players. Of the different plastic types, this one will hold its stability the best, which is better than the DX plastic’s stability hold. The more trees you hit, the more this will warp and become a straight flying disc instead of a disc that fades reasonably significantly.

In the end, the amount of stability that these plastics have differs based on the wear tendency. One unique thing about this Rhino putter is the thumb track that goes around, similar to the pig, the birdie, and a handful of other discs that Innova creates. 

Rhyno Flight Ratings and Flight Pattern

From the specifications, the ratings show how well the disc will operate under ideal conditions. Innova Rhyno has a 2-speed rating, a 1-glide rating, a 0-turn rating, and a 3-fade rating. 

The Rhyno is particularly remarkable when you’re not looking to go so far. As soon as it reaches the end of its flight, it starts to fade reasonably but doesn’t just fall out of the sky. So you have to be careful how you throw. If thrown too high a lot of times, it will essentially catch the wind or air, causing it to practically fall away from the basket farther than a straight flying putter would. 

The Rhyno putter is less affected by the wind unless you throw it nose up. But it can slow down much more significantly and curve to the left if you do a backhand throw. 

Who the Rhyno Is Best For? Should You Buy It?

This disc is designed to be best for an intermediate or advanced player. Beginners tend to be the most unlikely to use it efficiently because of it being overstable. 

The Rhyno is created for and most beneficial on the following shot types: putting shots, approach shots, headwind, and short drives. Although it excels at these types of shots mentioned, it sometimes is used for tee shots and upshots, especially in the wind or for close putts. 

It’s also suitable for elevated putts when you’re throwing down at the basket, and it’ll just drop in.

Final Thoughts On The Innova Rhyno

The Rhyno is an epitome of a stable flight and handles headwinds, which is excellent for disc golfers with lots of throwing power.  However, It is one of the slowest flying putters because the rim is not that thick. It’s straightforward to use, either by putting or throwing to such an extent that it’ll get close to the destination and not necessarily go far beyond it. 

As a golfer, you definitely should have this disc in your bag. You could go for the pro or champion plastic because of their good stability and durability. We totally would recommend them the most for this segment of our Innova Rhyno review. We will say this is moderately torque resistant. 

The reasons are clear to see! This disc does not turn quickly. Also, some of the professionals who use this disc (the likes of Greg Barsby and Calvin Heinberg) tend to go for either a Pro or Champion plastic-type and you probably can already guess why that is the case –  stability and durability!


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