Innova Valkyrie Review – Ultimate Versatile Disc?

Innova has been serving the needs of disc golfers since 1983 and is the first choice for many professionals. As the original creator of the Disc Golf disc, Innova remains the foremost expert in the field. Their ongoing dedication to innovation and improvements mean that Disc Golf players of all abilities continue to trust Innova for their equipment needs.

Innova offers a wide range of discs, all made from eight types of plastic: Star, GStar, Champion, XT, Driver Pro, KC Pro, R-Pro, and DX. Each plastic is meant to enhance various aspects of the disc – flexibility, grip/feel, durability, and stability.

To help players find the right disc for their skill-level and throwing style, each disc is rated based on four aspects that describe its potential flight path. Speed is the most important as it has the greatest effect on flight, so discs are only ever compared to those with the same Speed rating. Glide refers to how well discs maintain height during their flight path; a higher Glide rating means beginners will have an easier time getting more distance out of their discs. Turn and Fade refer to the tendency of a disc to bank to the right at the beginning of the flight or to hook left at the end of the flight, respectively. A disc that has a higher Turn rating will be easier for beginners to throw, as will a lower Fade rating that finishes straighter.

Innova Valkyrie Review:

The Valkyrie was introduced in 2000 and, much like other discs with a Speed rating of 9, is beloved by beginners and pros alike. It is one of the most popular distance drivers in the world and even held the World Record for distance for quite a while. Christian Sandström, who once held the World Distance Record, endorses the Valkyrie, and it is Juliana Corver’s driver of choice.

The Valkyrie is available in all the premium plastics (Star, GStar, and Champion) offered by Innova, as well as in the Pro and DX lines. It is rated with a 9 Speed, 4 Glide, -2 Turn, and 2 Fade, meaning that it tends to have an S-curve flight when thrown with a Right-Hand Backhand. It is widely considered the best choice for a first distance driver, whereas advanced players will enjoy the Valkyrie for tailwind drives or long turnover drives.

For beginners, the Valkyrie tends to be a good choice for distance, especially in lighter weights and in downwind throws. As the Valkyrie is middle-of-the-road across the board, it creates a lot of versatility – it can be useful in upwind or downwind situations (depending on its weight), is fairly accurate in high wind, and the way it’s thrown will accurately predict whether it ends to the left, right, or straight. Beginners can count on it as they develop their form, and more experienced players will keep it in their bag for those times when the shot really counts.

Pros of the Valkyrie

  • Great for tailwind drives
  • High wind resistance
  • Understable flight, ideal for backhand throws
  • Good disc for learning shaping shots
  • Shines in long range turnover shots and rollers
  • Easy to manipulate with hyzer or anhyzer release angles
  • Very comfortable to hold

Cons of the Valkyrie

  • Too understable for consistent forehand throws
  • Beginners may not get the distance they want right away
  • Suffers in tunnel shots
  • Not the highest quality choice for advanced players – better for beginner or intermediate

Innova Valkyrie Types of Plastics

The Valkyrie is available in all the main plastic lines, including Star, GStar, Champion, Pro, and DX. The premium plastics are known for their durability and grip, whereas the Pro and DX lines offer increased flexibility and affordability.

Innova Valkyrie Champion Plastic:

The Champion line is Innova’s most durable and, subsequently, the most overstable of its plastics. The durability of the discs is especially handy when on a more rugged course where you may hit a tree during play. As a premium plastic, it also boasts great grip, but can become quite slippery in wet conditions.

Innova Valkyrie Star Plastic:

The Star line includes Star, StarLite, and EchoStar. These premium plastics are a little less durable than the Champion line, but offer enhanced grip due to the unique, resilient polymers used. StarLite incorporates microbubbles that allow for lower weight and increased speed, which can be a better choice for beginners. The EchoStar is a perfect option for eco-conscious players as it is manufactured with a minimum of 50% recycled material. Despite that, it has the same durability and grip as the rest of the Star line.

Valkyrie GStar Plastic:

The GStar line is unique because of its pearlescent sheen, which is quite eye-catching. Its added flexibility and grip make it an awesome choice in cold weather conditions, as well as for people with less grip strength. GStar discs also tend to the more understable end of the spectrum and will break in faster than Champion discs.

Valkyrie Pro Plastic:

The Pro line is a more affordable option than Champion or Star, which can be a plus for beginners, and still has the best all-condition grip. It’s softer than the premium plastics, which makes it more flexible and cold weather friendly. Additionally, discs in the Pro line will have increased glide, making this plastic another terrific option for beginners.

Valkyrie DX Plastic:

Finally, the DX line is the most economical of all the lines. It is the fastest to wear in, which allows for varied flight characteristics throughout its life. As a more flexible and grippy option, this is another superb all-weather choice for a player of any level.

Final Thoughts on the Innova Valkyrie

For the beginning player, getting the Valkyrie in a lower weight will increase the distance they can throw, whereas a higher weight will allow for improved shots when throwing upwind. A more understable plastic like DX or GStar will allow for better results for players with lower arm speeds. Furthermore, and perhaps most important for beginners, the Valkyrie is known for its predictability and wind-resistance. It does have a learning curve but can be an excellent first control driver as players improve their form and skill-level.

On the intermediate and advanced side, higher-level players tend to love the Valkyrie for its versatility, as well as its predictability. Having a few in your bag, in all different plastics or at different levels of wear, means you’re prepared for any shots you may have to make. Many advanced players benefit from the Valkyrie in tricky spots, when throwing hyzers, or for flip shots in a tail wind.

Across the board, the Valkyrie is known for its comfortable grip. It’s highly rated across all skill-levels and is consistently rated as beginner-friendly. However, it matters which plastic you choose; DX, Star, and Champion are all great options because they play to the disc’s existing strength – durability, comfortable grip, and versatility. All in all, it’s a fantastic disc to have in anyone’s bag.  If you liked this review check out some other disc golf drivers and other disc reviews!


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