Streamline Discs Review – New Brand by Sister Company of MVP Discs

If you haven't heard of Streamline Discs, yet; you have now.  Streamline discs is the brainchild of the owners of MVP Disc Sports (which make superb overmold discs).  For the first time, MVP is creating single mold discs; aiming them to be of the highest quality and performance of any single mold brand out there.  See if there are any Streamline discs in our best discs guide.

That's a tall order, but with years of experience designing and perfecting the 2-mold disc; it's finally time MVP unveils their newest technological advance in disc golf.

Enter Streamline Discs. ​

So, how does Streamline Discs differ from MVP?  Simply put, Streamline Discs offers a single mold with the existing plastic of MVP Electron, Proton & Neutron.  With a full lineup of discs to be released in the future, we only have a sliver of discs coming out right now.

Streamline Trace Distance Driver

The first disc released by Streamline is the Trace. A powerful distance driver that should fly similarly to the Innova Tern. Below are the flight stats:

Streamline Trace Disc Review

The Trace is a thin rimmed driver that is easy to control.  With great glide and reliable fade; the Trace should find a place in your bag in the very near future.

Streamline Pilot Putter

The first putter by Streamline is the Pilot. It's a medium depth small bead straight, low flyer.  The bead is similar to the MVP Anode. It comes in Electron Medium & Electron Soft plastic.

streamline pilot review

If you're looking for a new putter that steers you to more birdies, look no further than the new Pilot putter by Streamline discs.

Streamline and MVP Challenging the Industry

Essentially MVP & Streamline just called out the whole of disc golf manufacturers. That includes Innova, the most popular disc manufacturer for disc golf.  Do you think they have what it takes to become the new top dog in the world of disc golf? Be sure to check out everything Streamline Discs is up to as they fill out their war chest in the next few months.  If you are interested in more disc golf disc reviews then check out our ultimate guide.


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